Health & Safety Executive Close Leo Griggs Royal Victoria Hospital Construction Site

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The Royal Victoria hospital site owned by developer Leo Griggs (pictured), was recently closed by the Health & Safety Executive for alleged breaches of : scaffolding, handrails and labourers having invalid CSCS cards, according to very well placed sources.

We understand that complaints have been sent to HSE, after work commenced on site, prior to lockdown.

The site owner is waiting on a visit from the HSE to reopen the site.

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Leo Griggs company RVH Folkestone Limited purchased the site on 1st Nov 2018, for £1,250,000, from Kent County Council.

The site was in the old local plan under UA-3


In July 2020 Transparency International’s report Permission AccomplishedAssessing corruption risks in local government planning –  gave our Council a grade D for corruption risks  for all things planning. Their report states:

  • “most worrying findings of their research are the relatively frequent and unchecked conflicts of interest held by those with key roles in reviewing major planning applications.”

Leo Griggs (far left below) is for those of you who are not aware,  a member of the local Conservative party and ex Sandgate Parish Cllr.

He can be seen standing just one person away from Leader of Folkestone & Hythe District Council, Cllr David Monk.

Leo Griggs and Tories

Leo Griggs far left

This just might be coincidence, but Cllr Monk’s wifeGill Monk is the Vice Chair of the Kent Health & Safety Group and like her husband, knows Leo. The group speak with HSE on a regular basis. Small world!

Now of course, we are not suggesting any impropriety. All we are doing is making the invisible, visible.

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At the planning committee meeting held on Tuesday, 17th December, 2019, which granted permission, four Cllrs declared an interest that they were known to the applicant, Leo Griggs.

  • Councillor Ms Susan Carey

  • Councillor David Wimble (has company lodged at Leo’s home address)

  • Councillor Gary Fuller (He and Tim Prater sat on Sandgate Parish Council with Leo)

  • Councillor Clive Goddard (Chairman of Planning Committee)

All declared they are known to the applicant. They remained in the meeting during discussion and voting on this item.


This site owned by Leo Griggs, who has many Tory chums on the planning committee, plus he knows the Leader of Folkestone & Hythe District Council and his wife, demonstrates how urgently Cabinet Member for Corruption – Cllr Tim Prater – (who knows Leo Griggs) needs to step up to the plate and investigate the perception, or reality, that big decisions are distorted in favour of powerful, private interests.

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5 Comments on Health & Safety Executive Close Leo Griggs Royal Victoria Hospital Construction Site

  1. It really is about time that the people of Folkestone and Hythe took notice of the potential corruption that is happening under their noses.

  2. Who needs hospitals anyway?

  3. It seems to me that a donkey with blue rosette would be voted in by the unthinking people of Folkestone and Hythe. Wake up for goodness sake, this is our money they’re giving away.

    • When a Labour councillor, the Greens and Independents are all Tory puppets, don’t expect democracy, and don’t expect our anti-corruption crusading MP to look into things. But hey, it seems to be what people voted for.

  4. Peter The Teacher // August 3, 2020 at 21:54 // Reply

    Guess who the shifty looking ex-bankrupt is second to right in the picture. Way to go Mikey!!!!

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