Known tax avoider Jacob Rees Mogg MP to speak at local Tory dinner tonight.

Tonight at the Hythe Imperial, Hythe (Kent), the Folkestone & Hythe Conservative Association members will sit down to have their annual dinner. The guest speaker at the dinner is the Rt Hon Jacob Rees Moog MP, [pictured with KCC & FHDC Cllr Susan Carey].

Mogg was penned into to be the guest speaker at the local Tories annual dinner on Nov 26, 2020, but this was canceled due to Covid.

Mr Rees-Mogg has an illustrious and controversial history in Private Eye. Others have recorded his illustrious and controversial career as well.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is a partner in Somerset Capital Management, a $6.8 billion hedge fund (over £5 Billion) managed by a Limited company in the Cayman Islands – the most notorious tax haven on earth – with 40% of its current investment in Chinese stocks. Unlike the LLP that he uses to avoid taxation in the UK, the Caymans Limited company should pay UK Corporation Tax at 19% but it is ‘technically’ located in an offshore tax haven.

The Cayman Islands imposes no direct taxes whatsoever on companies registered there: No corporation tax and no income tax, no property taxes, no capital gains taxes, no payroll taxes, and no withholding tax. This and the fact it is an LLP mean that Jacob Rees-Mogg avoids all UK taxes on his profit from this company that does not contribute to British society in any way.

A LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is set up in the UK that is not liable for tax. Profits and Funds are managed in the Cayman Islands where Corporation Tax is 0%

We use taxes to pay for our NHS, Police, Armed Forces (British Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force), Schools, Vulnerable People, Disabled People, for Pensions. We protect those most in need in our Britain by ensuring those who make money contribute fairly. Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn’t only avoid tax but this £5 Billion fund helps other investors avoid paying tax in the UK, including Conservative Party donors.

It’s clear to us we are not all in it together. Perhaps, Mr Rees-Mogg will be explaining how others in our local Tory party can also avoid paying taxes in the UK. Who knows!!! Stranger things have happened.

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any people, companies or other entities included in this post have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.

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  1. Although an LLP does not pay tax, its individual memebrs are liable for tax. LLP’s were introduced by the Labour Govt in 2000

  2. Bet Wimble was there

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