Part 2 – Damp and Mould – “It’s not lifestyle”.

Following on from yesterday’s post – Damp and Mould – “It’s not lifestyle” – we follow up today with Part 2.

The Shepway Vox Team undertook an eighteen month investigation into East Kent Housing; which eventually lead to its demise, and all four councils – Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone & Hythe and Thanet taking back control of their own housing stock in Oct 2020. Folkestone & Hythe DC own 3,388 homes from Lydd to Lyminge.

In July 2019 we visited Phoenix Court, and Rowan Court in Folkestone as part of that investigation. At that time, we took a number of photos of the state of disrepair with the property – especially damp.

We posted the blog

Serious disrepair and safety issues in Folkestone & Hythe District Council housing stock

at the time.

Yesterday, 24/11/22,  we revisited Phoenix Court and Rowan Court, Folkestone, three years and four months on, and took similar photo’s from different angles; which show beyond all reasonable doubt, the issue of damp in this particular council owned property has not been dealt with by Folkestone & Hythe District Council.

The Councillors for the ward Rowan Court sits in are, Cllr David Monk (Con); Cllr Danny Brook (Con) and Cllr Laura Davison (Lab). It’s clear none of them have bothered to visit these particular council owned buildings, since the last election in May 2019.

The Folkestone & Hythe District Council Corporate Director responsible for housing, is Andy Blaszkowicz. The Cllr responsible for the Housing Portfolio is Cllr David Godfrey.

It’s clear neither of them get out of the office much to see the issues with the council housing stock, they are responsible for.

Three years and four months on it is clear Phoenix Court and Rowan Court are still suffering from damp issues, yet the Council have not deemed them worthy of repairs, even though they took back control from East Kent Housing in Oct 2020.

Given the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has ordered all Councils, including FHDC, to submit evidence to them to show they have systems to identify and deal with damp and mould in homes.  The evidence the council will send to the RSH will be interesting, given that damp and mould still persists in council homes they own from Lydd to Lyminge.

These tenants like all council tenants deserve to live in decent homes which meet the decent homes standard. The images show that 3 years and four months on they do not. This must change.  Cllrs who have social housing in their wards should get out and about soon, as we’ll be posting more before and after images; which will demonstrate once elected, Cllrs do not visit those council owned properties within their wards.

Cllrs will take their votes, but do little to nothing for them in return, the evidence shows. This must change, as must the Council’s repair programme. Three years and four months and still the issue of damp persists in these two properties.

If you experience damp or mould issues in either a private property, or a council owned property, do contact us. And please do send us photo’s of the issue as well, to –

The Shepway Vox Team

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2 Comments on Part 2 – Damp and Mould – “It’s not lifestyle”.

  1. Do you really expect any of these to get off their backsides and look after the people they represent. Of course they won’t , they see these residents as the little insignificant people of life that are way beneath them .
    I’m surprised that the Labour Councillor hasn’t been out or is she another one like Wimble who’s in Monks back pocket ?

  2. A reasonable article with factual evidence; such evidence seems to appear weekly, however, unwritten, condemning verbal evidence, is spoken in greater profusion. We experience arrogant and lethargic behaviour from staff and councillors who would be suspended, disciplined and dismissed in all other spheres, FHDC is a magnet for them.
    Sadly, this reflects on the good people, who deserve better, after all, they are holding everything together, despite the bad eggs.
    A reminder to staff and officers, who they work for, and why, might jog a few memories.
    Instead of insignificant courses and visits, a general attitude of pleasantness towards the public and motivation to achieve would be a positive start.
    Less comfy chair snuggly office administration, let’s see some action, out the door, one way or the other!
    Councilors and staff have responsibilities like everyone else; they are not exclusive prima donnas.
    Learn to act accordingly, so much more can be achieved.

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