Cllr assisgned to wrong ward and other c*ck ups by the Council.

Honestly we are NOT making it up. We don’t need to when Folkestone & Hythe District Council are around as they are the gift which keeps giving. 

For those of you who are not aware Cllr Bridget Chapman was elected as a Cllr to the Folkestone Harbour Ward, with 695 votes, according to the declaration made by Dr Susan Priest (pictured), the returning officer and Chief Exec of Folkestone & Hythe District Council on the 5 May 2023.

Unfortunately though, the Council have published on their website, that Cllr Chapman is a Ward Cllr for Folkestone Central Ward, along with three other Labour Cllrs. This of course is not correct, as she was elected as the Harbour Ward Cllr, along with Cllr Nicola Keen. But it demonstrates the Council cannot get the simple things right, once again. 

But it doesn’t stop – oh we wish it did – we truly do. 

The Council officer responsible for the Cllrs register of interests is Amandeep Khroud the Monitoring Officer. She is responsible for ensuring that Cllrs fill in their register of interest forms properly. 

There are Cllrs who declare their home address on the website and on the register of interests, but within the document the land – which includes the property they own is not their as it ought to be.

Councillor Jeremy Speakman – (Hythe Rural Ward) Green Party, has not provided his home address which he owns according to land registry documents. Nor has his colleague Councillor Stephen Scoffham – (North Downs East Ward) Green Party. He to owns his property according to land registry documents. And to top off the hat trick Councillor David Wimble also has failed to fill in his address and yet he owns the property according to land registery documents.

Cllr J Speakman (Green)           Cllr S. Scoffham (Green)          Cllr D. Wimble (Ind)

There are Cllrs who belong to political parties and were sponsored by them who to did not declare their election expenses. We wrote about this shortly after the new Cllrs were elected in 2019. You can find them here on the Cllrs page, just click on any Cllr and you too can read their register of interests.

Also one has to point out, they the Council, posted the AGM agenda without attaching the scheme of delegation information. That thankfully has been rectified. 

Cllrs must realize, the Council through a lack of due diligence to check things, will no doubt continue to publish things and c*ck them up, leaving Cllrs carrying the can for things they haven’t had a hand in. 

As we’ve long said, it’s time for Dr Susan Priest and Amandeep Khroud to leave the building in our honest opinion, as neither are demonstrating leadership. Let’s hope our Cllrs have the enthusiasm to carry out this act of kindness for us all. 

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2 Comments on Cllr assisgned to wrong ward and other c*ck ups by the Council.

  1. Dumb and Dumber strike again .

  2. doggerbank56 // May 26, 2023 at 11:04 // Reply

    I am sure that Dr Priest and Ms Khroud know that there days as Council officers are numbered. I am sure that they are both busy drafting their CVs’. The problem they will both face is that any prospective employer will check out their career history and performance and decide that there are better candidates out there.

    There only hope would be to find employment with local authorities that are even more dysfunctional than Folkestone & Hythe e.g. Croydon, Thurrock and who as a result have great difficulty in attracting competent staff.

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