Exclusive: East Kent Hospitals open two investigations into sexual misconduct.


The Trust, East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust (EKHUFT) have opened an investigation into sexual misconduct.

This means there are now two investigations, one being led by an independent investigator via and through the Kent & Medway Integrated Care Board for and on behalf of EKHUFT

As we have said before and say again:

Sexual harassment, sexual assault, referred to as sexual misconduct, are unacceptable at our Trust. This must not be an “everyday experience” for anyone in our Trust.

EKHUFT have said:

“we encourage any members of staff who have been affected and wish to share their experiences to contact us.  We will treat all contact in confidence and provide all the necessary support.”

It is a very positive step forward that our Trust have opened these two investigations and we’d call on any person who has, and is continuing to suffer sexual harassment within the Trust, to come forward. As equally important those who have suffered the indignity of sexual assault on Trust premises, we urge you to come forward, as the Trust state:
“Any information shared will be dealt with in confidence.”
Let’s hope the Trust will keep to their word, for as Jayne Harrison, a partner at Richard Nelson has said:
“Generally speaking, they [a Trust] want to try and sort of sweep it away, because that’s easiest,”
We hope the Trust will follow through with their promises.
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