Taylor Wimpey Houses on the Garrison Site

So as I said in an earlier post it was a slam dunk as only the developer can appeal against a Council Decision, I doubt if the Council will vote against it – and they did not – as they do not have the money for a lengthy legal battle. Anyway, it would not matter if Taylor Wimpey would have lost last night as they only have to wait another two years before they can put in exactly the same plan.

In every country in the EU local people who disagree with a council’s decision to approve a development can use the planning system to object to it. In Britain by contrast, only developers can appeal against a council’s decision.

Mr Lewis made it very clear that the threat of appeal would be expensive for the council. Developers find that the threat of going to appeal is often enough to persuade a local council to cave in and grant planning permission. All this took 3 hours when we already know the decision was made long long ago. But what about the people who will live on the new estate, they will have to cope with the bridge – and its lack of “technical Data” – and its potential dangers for how long? Until somebody possibly dies god forbid.

Do SDC take the people of Folkestone and Cheriton to be fools? It certainly seems so after the 3 hour pantomime they put on at the Civic Hall on the 24/3/15


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  1. Forgive my tardy comments but I have only recently found your site.

    I understand that our growing population need housing and that there is vacant land at this former MOD property. What I cannot understand is why SDC failed to build-in sufficient ‘Community Payback’ before approving the Taylor Wimpey plans.

    Horn Street bridge being just one of the issues. We have the technology ( Nusteel ), to fabricate a bridge that can be ‘popped-in’ overnight with minimum disruption to the Rail Network and at minimal cost. Instead we are presented with a traffic control measure that will impact hugely at peak times and add to the current misery of trying to use Horn Street.

    It was not that many years ago that Shepway refused a Developer permission to erect, I believe seven, houses on the defunct Trout Farm citing the ‘Traffic impact on Horn Street’. How, in just a few years, have the paramiters changed?.

    I live in Horn Street, and have done since 1979. I love my location but not the traffic issues. Ok, not all the fault of Shepway but they have the power to pressure KCC but fail to do so.


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