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Like all council’s Shepway District Council has a Contracts register, so that they do not lose track of them. The Contracts Register currently shows that SDC has 141 known contracts with various outsourced companies. Please click

Contracts Register

You’ll see at No’s 22 & 23 Capita who Private Eye ridicule on a regular basis are there. Contract No 22 is the service they provide to the Council for giving advice where to invest SDC/our money, see the Not A Lot of People Know That.

Contract No 53 shows that SDC pay Folkestone Town Centre Management the sum of £13,700 per annum for opening and closing two gates. The one by Django’s at the bottom of Rendezvous Street and the gate between HSBC and Lloyds Bank. Now I personally think that’s a lot of money for opening two gates.

Most if not all these contracts and payments for them would have gone before the SDC Finance Committee which is often conducted behind closed doors due to “commercial confidentiality”. I personally fail to understand this logic as during the 20 day window that SDC’s accounts must be open to the public, they become visible anyway. This is how I obtained them.

You can see that SDC are paying a lot of money to private companies, who may or may not be doing a good job. It is known that SDC have lost contracts previously leaving them in a pickle and us to pick up the legal bills.

I will leave you to decide if the Contracts are value for money. One final thing you may note that Contracts become ongoing after they have finished, the question is does SDC put them back out to tender or does the Council roll the contract on because it is the easier option, but not necessarily the most cost effective?

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