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In August I wrote a blog about Cllr Susie Govett [UKIP New Romney] using Facebook as a forum for her Constituency Surgery see: Cllr Susie Govett

We know that Facebook are registered in Ireland for Tax Reasons. Anyway a Facebook user has taken his privacy campaign to the European Union’s highest court to prevent US intelligence agencies gaining access to his personal data.

The case brought by Maximilian Schrems against Ireland’s Data Protection Commission will eventually shape international regulations over access to, and ownership of, online information.

So what do you ask has this got to do with Cllr Susie Govett. Well in simple terms, by using Facebook as a forum for her Constituency Surgery, Cllr Govet has been giving her constituents information quite freely to US intelligence agencies. Did she inform them? Was she aware? Is ignorance a defence? No it is not, as she was informed by a concerned resident about giving constituents an informed choice.

Cllr Govett wanted to be modern, up to date and use the latest technology to undertake her Constituency Surgery’s, now it would appear it has backfired and that her Constituents could possibly take legal action if the advocate general’s opinion is upheld by the ECJ.

ShepwayVox is quite certain that Cllr Susie Govett did not fully checkout what Facebook does with one’s information. Nor was she registered with the ICO Register of Data Controllers at the time – a legal necessity. She was registered on the 15/09/15

Facebook users should have their privacy respected under EU Law, ironic really when you think UKIP wish to leave Europe, yet it is Europe who will defend what happens to your information on Facebook not UKIP.

Now the Advocate General of the European Court of Justice has given his opinion and although this case is specific to Facebook it probably will apply to other technology giants such as Apple, Google, Yahoo, Aol and Microsoft. The final ruling by the ECJ’s 15 judges is expected later this year.

Cllrs of all parties use Aol, gmail, outlook, yahoo and other email providers and inadvertently have since the Snowden revelations been passing their constituents information to US Intelligence Agencies, and many of them too were not registered with the ICO Register of Data Controllers and some of them have been Cllrs far longer than Cllr Govett

Everyone on the social network in the EU signs a contract with Facebook Ireland, audited by the data protection commissioner in that country. Under the US-EU data transfer all their details can be accessed by the NSA and other US Intelligence agencies.

The access of the United States intelligence services to the data transferred covers, in a comprehensive manner, all persons using electronic communications services, without any requirement that the persons concerned represent a threat to national security, such mass, indiscriminate surveillance is inherently disproportionate and constitutes an unwarranted interference with the rights guaranteed by articles seven and eight of the charter [of fundamental rights of the EU], something Cllr Govett wishes to leave, being a member of UKIP.

So Cllr Govett for the sake of transparency, honesty and intergrity are you going to inform your constituents, you passed on their information to the NSA and other US Intelligence Agencies?


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