Councillor Rory Love

Councillor Rory Love lives at 89 Harbour Way, Folkestone, Kent. CT20 1LZ.

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He is the Conservative Councillor for Sandgate and West Folkestone Ward.

It is one and half miles from his home to SDC Civic Centre in Castle Hill Avenue. So a three mile round trip.

For the Financial year 2014/15 Councillor Love charged the ratepayer one pound thirty five pence [1.35] every journey to travel to the Civic centre by car. Now the Shepwayvox team believe he could walk that distance.

In April 14 he charged     8.10

In May 14 he charged   17.55

In June 14 he charged   20.70

In July 14 he charged    50.85

In Aug 14 he charged     6.30

In Sept 14 he charged 46. 35

In Oct 14 he charged   50.40

In Nov 14 he charged    9.45

In Dec 14 he charged   6.75

In Jan 15 he charged  12.60

In Feb 15 he charged   6.75

In Mar 15 he charged 10.40

In Apr 15 he charged   4.05

All this when we believe he could have walked to the Civic Centre. We stress Cllr Love has done nothing wrong in claiming his mileage allowance. We feel that the distance is not so great. When considered against Former SDC Cllr Emily Arnold who lived in Ealham who charged nothing whatsoever. When considered against Former SDC  Cllr Beaumont who lives in Newington/Peene who charged nothing whatsover. When considered against SDC Cllr Dearden who lives in Hythe, who charged nothing whatsoever. When considered against SDC Cllr Peall who lives in Hawkinge, who charged nothing whatsoever.

A man who appears to be fit and healthy elects to travel by car one and half miles, three miles round trip and charge the ratepayers of Shepway. We believe this was wrong and is wrong.

Children who live within three miles of a school are not eligible for a bus pass and must walk, cycle, pay for the bus or get mum or dad to give them a lift.

Cllr Love who lives only one and half miles away, gets us to pay for his small journey. In a time of austerity, where his party, The Conservatives are saying we must cut back public sector, it is nice to see that some Cllrs are truly playing their part and are public spirited, it is a pity Cllr Love does not practice what his party preaches. Oh to be a Cllr.


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