A Case of Discrimination?

Discrimination is unlawful, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. We would like to highlight a case by comparing two cases.

“The multimillion pound Folkestone “sexploitation” trial – in which a teenager claimed she was sold for sex from kebab shops – was dramatically halted today.”  Kent Online  09/03/15

Kent singer Billy Nutt has appeared in court charged with sexually assaulting a four-year-old boy in Northfleet.

Nutt, aged 55, who runs the Providence Inn in Sandgate, Folkestone, where he lives, appeared at Maidstone Crown Court yesterday (October 10) and was sentenced on the 20/03/15.  Newshopper

What these two cases highlight is how two different ethnic groups were treated.

The Roma mothers and fathers were placed in Jail on remand at HMP Bronzefield in a very short period of time.

Mr Nutt was bailed until trial and up to sentencing.

This to us is a clear case of discrimination of treatment. The Metropolitan Police were accused of institutional racism, it would appear that Kent Police, Kent Social Services and possibly other services may well have been racist in their conclusions. The Roma mothers & fathers spent ten months in jail. Their children taken into care, partners who were completely innocent had access to their children severely restricted.

Mr Nutt however was bailed allowed to roam free even when in his case their was significant and damning forensic evidence against him.

How did this come to happen? The judge in the Roma case stated Police had asked leading questions, had failed to consider the girl’s “tendency to confabulate”. Why did KCC Social Services  react the way they did when taking the children away from the Roma mothers with no other evidence than a child who had previously “confabulated”  How did this happen?

Both services failed the Roma, and too easily dismissed the parents pleas of innocence from the outset. One might say they were not listened to, not believed nor respected.

Mr Nutt though, a white male was allowed to wonder around the community while concrete undeniable evidence  was in the hands of the Police through DNA. We believe as these horrendous incidents happened reasonably close together they appear on first sight, to demonstrate discrimination in treatment when compared. We hope all agencies have learnt from these obvious failures in treatment and we hope they do not happen again. Racism, Discrimination has no place in alleged Professional Services in the 21st Century.


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