What’s Ten Grand between Friends?

Cllrs Expenses Claims are being investigated by SDC, we would ask that they kindly look into the following as well.

_2014_-_2015_Members’_allowances_and_expenses  the expenses are £335,370.37

compared with

rcabt20141217 app 1 and 2 to Gen Fund Revenue orig Budget 2015-16 at page 21 shows that the amount is £405,160

minus £60,000 for adjustments.

So, £405,160 – £60,000 = £345,160

So £345,160 –  £335,370.37 = £9789.63

These documents are from SDC’s own website and show a discrepancy of nearly £10,000.

How can this be explained? Does the current investigation into Cllrs Inappropriate Expenses Claims need to be widened?

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