Future Job Losses at SDC.

Last week 9 – 14th Nov 2015, Alistair Stewart, Peter Wignall and Joanna Miller senior management of SDC called together the 40 staff who work in the Contact Centre at SDC, to inform them of future job losses.

This meeting was held to inform them that 25 of the 40 Jobs will go, some through natural wastage, some through possible redundancies, some through “streamlining” the service and because a new computer system will be introduced to bring about increased efficiencies.

At present the 40 call centre staff are broken down into 20 contact centre staff, 10 Council tax and 10 for Housing Benefit.

The staff were asked to see this as an “opportunity”, what kind of opportunity no-one knows.

The Chancellor George Osborne will on Wednesday 25 November set out his spending review. He asked all departments to model two scenarios of 25% and 40% of real-terms savings by 2019–20.

Perhaps the future Job Losses at SDC are in anticipation of further budget cuts to local government to be announced. One hopes these Job Losses will come in the new year, so as to allow the 25 employees to be lost,  a merry Xmas at least.

It must be remembered that Alistair Stewart was awarded a £3981 pay increase  or 3.2% increase, or put it another way another £76.56 per week. Life is surely Grand at the top when you consider employees at SDC lower down the food chain have had public sector pay awards set at 1% for the next four years.


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