SDC Senior Salaries 13/14 – 14/15

Below are the Salaries for those on above £50,000 per annum at SDC. These do not include pension contributions nor expenses.

Job Title and Name                                 13/14           14/15               Increase

Alistair Stewart CEO                              £112,696       £116,677          £3,981

Susan Priest Corporate Director             £45,585         £94,002            £48,417

Jeremy Chambers Corporate Director     £70,440        £80,851            £10,411

Andrina Smith Head of HR                      £56,442        £57,553            £1,111

Joanna Miller Head of Finance                £61,328        £60,751           -£577

Chris Lewis head of Planning                  £70,440        £70,494            £54

Estelle Culligan Council Solicitor [left 4/1/15]

Amandeep Khroud as above                   £21,803         £85,239         £63,436

SDC have reduced their numbers of staff due to ongoing financial savings they have to make due to the central grant from Central Government.

For the full list of Senior Salaries please see Pay pages 7778 pages 77 and 78

Please remember regarding Alistair Stewart it DOES NOT include his salary for being returning officer for Shepway.


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  1. what do they claim on top of there wages ………………….

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