We Love The Folkestone Sprucer.

It has been brought to our attention that the Folkestone Town Sprucer is getting the put down by a senior local politician. A member of the public has sent us the following:

“A senior local politician is putting it round that Sprucer Pete Phillips and his team are dashing round ahead of Veolia trying to look good by doing their job. As if! Utter tosh! There’s quite enough litter on the streets of Folkestone and Cheriton, today’s target, to keep both Veolia and Sprucer occupied 24 hours a day.”

Now you may not know that Veolia have had a TEN YEAR Waste and Street Cleaning Contract with SDC which will end on the 1/1/20.

The value of the contract is THREE MILLION TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS PER ANNUM. Yes you read that right,£3,200,000 per annum. It is a joint contract with Dover District Council and Kent County Council. The contract has run since Veolia won the contract in late 2010.

Veolia have mentioned they are not making money on the contract, but has that always been the case? Possibly not.

When did Veolia  start losing money on the contract?

It would appear that the Folkestone Town Sprucer is embarrassing both Veolia and SDC.

We Love the Sprucer and he needs your money so would ask you to contribute whatever you can afford. To do this go to:


Also we would ask that you write to the CEO of Veolia Environmental UK

Ms Estelle Brachlianoff – Estelle.Brachlianoff@veolia.com

or the overall CEO

Antoine Frerot – Antoine.Frerot@veolia.com

and ask them to consider the Sprucer and his team taking over the street cleaning part of the contract for Shepway and also the finances that go along with it.

If you, like us, appreciate the Sprucers efforts over the last few years, help us help you and write to Veolia to Save Our Sprucer.


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