What we can tell you about James Alistair Stewart.


As Returning officer he looks after the electoral register which residents of Shepway are on. Therefore James can know a lot about you. What though do you know about James?

So, what we can tell you, is this – the following information is in the Public Domain. We can tell you that James, prior to moving to Shepway as CEO was Director of Corporate Services at West Lindsey Council, North Lincolnshire. See here .

We can tell you that James Lives in Scotterthorpe. We can tell you that James paid £128,000 for his house in 2001. We can tell you that he had a mortgage with Nationwide. We can tell you that he resides in Cheriton when he is here working for SDC Mon – Fri. We can tell you that you’ll quite often see James in Sainsburys [Town Centre] on Thursday evening buying sandwiches for his long trip [228 miles] back to Scotterthorpe 

We can tell you that the owner of the house in Cheriton where James resides during the week, is owned by a well known artist who is a member of the Stuckist Group. See here.  We can tell you In 2000 he curated the Stuckist exhibition at the Metropole Arts Gallery in Folkestone.

We can tell you how much rent James pays to the owner of the property. Any of you too can find out this sum with a simple FOI or a question in the Council chamber.

We can tell you that James gets an “Adrenaline Rush” working for SDC. We kid you not.

We can tell you these things because they are all in the Public Domain.

There’s a whole lot more we could tell you about James but for now we’ll leave it at that. If you want to know how much rent we the ratepayers might pay for James to reside in the artist’s house then a simple FOI is all you’ll need to do.  Good Luck

The Shepwayvox Team





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