Confused about the Mileage? We are Too.

If you click here ⇒  Russell Tillson’s Mileage Nov 14 . You will see Former Cllr Russell Tillson’s Mileage for Nov 14.

We at Shepwayvox are very confused indeed. Perhaps after reading his mileage you will be too.

Former Cllr Russell Tillson states that on the 9th Nov 14, he travels from his home in New Romney to Ashford and back. He claims it to be 68 miles round trip

We have measured this using Google and the shortest route is 16 miles to Ashford from New Romney. The longest Route is 20 miles. Therefore a maximum roundtrip of 40 miles.

Mr Tillson informs us the round trip is 68 miles.  It would appear the mileage is incorrect.

On the 12 Nov 14 He claims that his home is 29 miles from the Civic Centre and so is the return journey. The Route is closer to 16 miles so a 32 mile round trip, not 58 as Mr Tillson claims for.

On the 13 Nov 14 he informs us he leaves home and goes to Ashford and then returns home. Again he claims this is 68 miles. Google says it is 16 by the shortest route, so round trip of 32 miles, or 20 miles by the long route which is 40 miles round trip. Where do the other 28 miles come from?

On the 17th and 19th Nov 14 Mr Tillson informs us he went from SDC Civic Centre to his home and the distance was 15 miles on both occasions. This mileage is at odds with the 12th Nov 14 where he claims it is a 29 mile Journey from his home to the Civic Centre or vice versa.

Former Cllr Russell Tillson, filled in this form. Former Cllr Russell Tillson submitted this form. Former Cllr Russell Tillson pays this monies to Cllr Peter Simmons. Who is responsible for making the expenses claim? Former Cllr Russell Tillson or Cllr Peter Simmons?

Why didn’t the responsible officer spot the anomalies that we have found? Who was the responsible officer? Ultimately it would have been the Monitoring officer, who at that time was Estelle Culligan  – she has now left SDC.

If Cllr Simmons is being asked to pay the monies back he could not be held responsible for former Cllr Tillson expenses claims could he? We are very confused and would like answers to our questions. But guess what neither wish to speak.

Mr Tillson is no longer a Councillor, but Cllr Simmons is. Perhaps you might write to him. His email is Perhaps you might get an answer who knows!

 It should be emphasised that both Mr Tillson and Cllr Simmons were under investigation, or “mise en examen”, this does not imply guilt and Mr Tillson denies any wrongdoing. As for Cllr Simmons the investigation is ongoing.




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  1. It’s good to know someone is on the side of us lowly mortals, keep up the pressure.

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