Inappropriate Expenses Claim Investigation, at last.

SimmonsSo we know Cllr Simmons(pictured)  will have to return the money. Will SDC report him to the Police for false accounting? Or Abuse of Position? Both of these being possible charges which could be potentially brought against him.

Lets not forget former Cllr Russell Tillson as SDC have said the following regarding the breach of SDC’s Code of Conduct for Members

An SDC spokesperson at Shepway District Council stated

Former Cllr Tillson is no longer a district councillor therefore our Monitoring Officer cannot investigate a complaint about him in that role.”

tillson bars (1)

Amandeep Khroud

So former Cllr Tillson may not have had his expenses claims investigated according to the Spokesperson. So who can investigate former Cllr Tillson. The Police? Will SDC’s Monitoring Officer Amandeep Khroud (pictured) pass all relevant information onto the Police so they can investigate?

What do you the people of Shepway think? Should former Cllr Russell Tillson, who sits on New Romney Town Council as a Town Councillor and on Dymchurch Parish Council as a Parish Councillor, and who is Vice Chairman, be investigated?

Is it right that a former Cllr cannot be investigated by SDC’s Monitoring Officer when public money has been involved?

If SDC cannot/will not investigate, then if you wish an investigation to happen, then it is to the Police one should go.

You can contact them on: Chief Constable of Kent Police

Ann Barnes Police Crime Commissioner

We state for the record that Former Cllr Tillson may well have done nothing wrong but until he is investigated it cannot be proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he has not. It is not a slur on his character or reputation. Surely it is in former Cllr Tillson interests to be investigated and cleared. Only you the residents of Shepway can ensure that an investigation might happen if you write to the people above.

As an Addendum:

Cllr Simmons sits on the Marsh Millions Approvals Board, the Boulogne and Shepway Co-Operation (BOSCO), the Dungeness Site Stakeholder Group, the Romney Marsh Visitor Centre Advisory Group and the Romney Marshes Area Internal Drainage Board. Will he be stepping down from these as he is no longer a member of the Tory Party at SDC?


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