Further Conflict of Interests? You decide.

We know that Creative Space and Places run by Andy & Tamasin Jarrett employees of SDC, received grants from SDC to the sum of £13,708.

Well two other Community Interests Companies [CIC] have received help in one way or another from SDC and their employees are or were involved in these CIC’s.

Silverback Project was funded by SDC to the sum of £1000. There were three persons who set the CIC up according to the Certificate of Incorporation document. One of them was an SDC employee.

Marsh Monitors CIC according to Companies house has a one Mark Luetchford, SDC’s Communication Manager/Press Officer see: Communications as a Director. Also Companies House documents cite his wife – a former Labour MP for Gloucester [1997 – 2001] and who worked for the Romney Marsh Partnership and who had an SDC email address. His wife worked in conjunction with [see Section 11 & 16]  Marsh-Million-Economic-Project-Scheme-application-guidance

The address for the for Marsh Monitors CIC is Romney Marsh Business Centre, Mountfield Road Industrial Estate, New Romney, Kent, Uk, TN28 8LH. Funnily enough this building belongs to SDC and is on their asset register.

Are Marsh Monitors CIC paying rent to SDC? One would hope so.

Have SDC given Marsh Monitors CIC and grants?

This is unknown as the company was only incorporated – read started – on the 24/06/15. And their first Accounts are not due till 24 March 2017

What does Marsh Monitors CIC do? Well Mark – Communications Manager of SDC,  kindly tells us:

“I am primarily working at Shepway District Council as Communications Manager although I am also a Director of a social enterprise called Marsh Monitors CIC. I am working with fellow Directors to provide a monitoring and evaluation service that helps establish the value of social and economic development whilst training people and paying them to undertake surveying.”

Well there we have it.

Once is a mistake, twice is a pattern three times is habit. SDC appear to be in the habit of assisting their employees, by giving them non-returnable grants or allowing them to use their buildings as a registered office.

Are these further Conflicts of Interest? We’ll leave you to decide.


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