Operation Stack 2 Update

On Wednesday the 16th of December, SDC Cabinet convened. One of the things they  discussed were the sites proposed for the Lorry Parks sites which will help with congestion when Operation Stack needs to kick in.

The Cabinet voted on Site 1, land owned by David Thomas Holt and the land  SDC will have to undertake a survey on. A Conservative Cllr informed us that Chris Lewis, an SDC officer, of Planning has been working on this survey for a while.


Now site two has possibly not been chosen, for what are pretty clear reasons to us at Shepwayvox. It is not because SDC didn’t vote for it but because  the owner of site 2, Carolyn Hardy OBE knows the Rothschilds. We kid you not, here is the evidence see → Rothschilds. We are Realists and know how connections can work, as do you the public. How does that saying go: “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

Plus site 2 had great crested newts on it. We kid you not. See document WYG Table below.

It was always going to be site one and now SDC Cabinet have voted on it, now it will be so. And now Damien Collins MP has said “I would favour the site to the west of Stanford.” according to the Folkestone Herald. Site 1, with a new slip way and a bridge to Stop 24 Services is the chosen one.

Stop 24 Services is owned by Saltwoodend Limited who own the land to provide a lorry park of 1,300 spaces on a small strip of land west of the Junction 11 Stop 24 services between the motorway and high speed railway line. Saltwoodend Ltd is owned by Henry Boot Devolpments Ltd and ultimately by Henry Boot PLC. Cllr Monk is seen here with one of their representatives

From Right David Monk, leader of Shepway District Council, Luke Davenport of Henry Boot Developments and Paul Wells, of Channel Ports Ltd,

KCC rejected both sites so it would seem and is evidenced here

→   WYG Table A042767_1  ←

Anyway, tomorrow 17th December 2015 SDC will hold briefings for District Cllrs between 2-4pm and again at 6-8pm so that they [Cllrs] are up to speed on the site 1. One way or another Site one will be built upon.

Mr David Thomas Holt owner of site 1 need not worry too much as the  average price per acre has risen beyond £10,067. And the lorry park will cover approximately 152 Acres and potentially earn Mr Holt £1,530,184 or possibly more.

On average around 10,800 (5,400 in each direction1) freight vehicles cross the Dover Straits every day, as this provides the shortest, quickest and cheapest route to the continent.



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  1. Good for David Holt. A solution needs to be found here, and if he owns the land so be it.

    Let’s face it somebody will own the land and if He has the ownership I have no complaint.

    Can we now get on and address what has become a shamefull situation. I would just ask if the normal, penal, charges will apply when hauliers have no option and are directed to park here?. I would suggest that either free, or nominally charged, parking is imposed when Channel crossings are disrupted.

    The Hauliers have no option and tachograph rules overide all. We have experienced widespread parking violations due, mostly, to the cost of Services parking which eventually have to come from the revenue of the particular freight movement being performed.

    I cannot speak for the whole of Europe but I do know that Aire parking in France is free.

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