Smoke and Mirrors

Things surrounding site 1 and 2 – the possible sites for the Lorry Park – are not what they appear.

SDC’s own website demonstrates that they set aside £10,000 for a study of the slip road to be built to site one in Nov 15. Plus a further £85,000 had been placed into the reserves and that SDC knew a further £125,000 was on its way in Nov 15. Click Here and see page 11 → Accounts Nov 15

At the Resources Scrutiny Committee held at the Civic Centre on the 6th Jan @ 7pm, Cllr Frank McKenna asked for clarification on the £95,000 and was informed that the £85,000 remaining was to be spent on other projects related to site 1 and 2.

Also when some of us attended the Consultation at SDC Civic Centre on Tuesday 5th Jan. Mr Kevin Bown of Highways England and a consultant working for and on behalf of Highways England [WSB/PB] stated that monitoring of the site had begun in Oct 15. So no doubt discussions about site 1 and 2 and the monitoring of it began prior to that.

Dr Rehan ul-Haq MBA, PhD, FHEA, FIoD of Monserat Properties put forward a solution at Sellindge-Evegate/Aldington click here → Monserat. The landowner is in full agreement that the site put forward by the good Dr can be used. There are no houses in or around the site and the site was acceptable to Hauliers and had a low community impact according to KCC.

It would appear to us that Site 1 or 2 may well have been chosen to allow further development around J11 as we have suggested before. We have put this to Damien Collins MP and to SDC Tory Cllrs, who have failed to respond after several attempts in getting a reply. There reluctance to respond to our questions heightens our suspicions.

It is our belief that site 1 or 2 will be chosen as according to Clr David Drury Monk it is a “no brainer” but building it at 1 and 2 would allow the Tories to fulfill their commitments of bringing more jobs to Shepway at the expense of the residents of Stanford.


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