Sorry We Haven’t A Clue 2

Terence Ellames is a former SDC planning officer for amongst other things- Lydd Airport Expansion.

Catherine Igoe an employee of SDC and Terence and others have had a public dialogue about the land at Otterpool Land. Catherine sets out there is no conspiracy behind buying the land at Otterpool lane, to develop it. She makes clear that it is for earning a crust from. That makes sense as does buying the land – well they have stopped making it and the price of agricultural land has risen steadily.

We applaud Ms Igoe attempts to put this across using social media and would further encourage her to continue her discussion using social media. [See Twitter feed below]

There is NO conspiracy behind the purchase, that much Catherine has informed us. We want to believe her. The people of Shepway and those who live nearby, or work in the vicinity just want to have it in writing that SDC won’t develop it, well at least not in the next five, ten  or more years.

There has been pressure on developing the Racecourse at Westenhanger, there is talk of development in and around J11 M20 and a crack “working Group” set up. A Lorry Park is a possibility – not a given – at Site 1 near J11 of the M20. And the recent acquisition of the Otterpool lane land has only fueled the anxiety within the community. We all need a bit of time to stop and breathe and breathe and …

Ms Igoe please, please do continue engaging it is essential that the residents know the thinking of SDC, “every little helps” so the saying goes and anything is better than nothing. If you use twitter do please engage with Catherine. Please be polite, make suggestions and keep the lines of communication open, for transparency sake and for the sake of assisting and reducing rising tensions and anxieties across some communities within our wonderful district of Shepway.






Catherine please please do come back to us and in the meantime ask the CEO Alistair Stewart to pen an open letter to assist and reduce the tension and anxiety across some of our communities.


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  1. I find it difficult to reconcile the rental income from agricultural land with the income from cash invested on the market. Charity is to be commended but I would hope not with our Council Tax. Seems that I can achieve better returns from my current account.
    Surely there has to be an agenda , not yet disclosed, otherwise this makes no sense.

    Who wants to bet that some form of planning application is submitted before 5 years have passed?

    Residents of Sellindge should be vigilant……….

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