Twelve Grand for Eversley College!

What do we know about Eversley College?

Well the price stated to have been paid on 7 June 2012 was £1,350,000. The Registered Owner(s) are : LANDCAP DEVELOPMENT EVERSLEY LIMITED (Co. Regn. No.07955678) care of Landcap Ltd, Studio 3, 95a Clifton Hill, St John’s Wood, London NW8 0JP.

LandCap had a  Lender this was: Close Brothers Limited – Ultimately owned by the Close Brothers Group PLC

View company structure  here →  Close Brothers Ltd Structure

The Registered Owners paid £3000 pounds to the Folkestone an Hythe Conservative Association on the 9/04/15.

The Registered Owners/Directors of LANDCAP DEVELOPMENT EVERSLEY LIMITED are: Mr Faris Michael McKinnon and Mr Rakan McKinnon

On 30 August 2012 a planning application was submitted to develop Eversley College (ref Y12/0838/SH ) to SDC.

On 02/11/2012 Transfer of the land edged and numbered TT8713 on the title plan dated 31 October 2012 was made between (1) Landcap Development Eversley Ltd and The Kent County Council.

On 21 December 2012 Planning Permission was refused by the Council. In 2012 The Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association had a debt of £15,825

On 14 May 2013 Planning Permission was granted by SDC. At this time the Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association had a debt of £13,912

4  companies were involved in devloping Eversley Park  they are Quinn Wilson Estates Ltd, Landcap Development Eversley Limited,  Pentland Homes Limited and Eversley Park Management (Sandgate) Limited.

The Last Company – Eversley Park Management (Sandgate) Limited. has a Director which also sits on the main company Landcap Development Eversley Limited – that being Mr Rakan McKinnon

What Do we Know about Quinn Wilson Estates Ltd?

We know they are Quinn Wilson Estates Limited based in Canterbury and gave £9,000 to Folkestone and Hythe Conservatives on 20 May 2015 almost two years after SDC gave permission in the Chamber. 

We Know that they are Building Construction Contractors and were involved in the Development of Eversley College.


What’s your perspective on the “Donations” made by the companies to the Folkestone and Hythe Conservatives Association?

If you know anything else which may be of use, about Eversley College, do let us know.



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  1. Surely this is a ‘Duh’ moment. Donations, planning consent, come on people. This is not rocket science.

    I have enjoyed fairy stories since young but can now appreciate the difference between lies and elaboration.

    I tend to despair at the hands of devolopers who’se grasp of reality is somewhat tenuous but profit is King.

    Existing residents have a voice. Use that voice to shout down development not inkeeping with your environment

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