We Love the NHS

3 nights ago we watched  a  suspected heart attack vicitim being taken fom his home in Burmarsh/ The ambulance arrived, we as a bunch of lads watched an ambulance arrive and take the individual to the Willliam Harvey Hospital. HE LIVED.

This was the NHS at its best, saving lives.

We love the NHS. It is not perfect as we are not perfect and understand the individual anger of famlies which may  have beeen let down, but more often than not they get it right, the NHS that is. The failures are the exception, NOT the rule.

The NHS is a wonderful thing and long may it survive the assault by the present Tory Govt.



1 Comment on We Love the NHS

  1. I fully appreciate the front-line efforts of the NHS. My Mother, nearly 93, increasingly has to encounter their care.

    What I would to wish to counter is their total lack of information following patient discharge. Notes relating to on-going medication seem to no-longer exist.. I have personal experience of this for the last two times we have managed to get my Mum back to her home.

    Mar charts are important as regards care packages but Hospital seem oblivious to this resulting with any drug regime being inturrupted until such time as the patient GP can intervene. The phrase ‘Rocket Science’ is surely appropriate here. How hard is it to write a few notes?


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