Build Now Pay Later 2

According to SDC’s House Building Requirement (Core Strategy 2013) The policy requirement for the period 2013 to 2025/26 is for  3,965 new houses. SDC though admit they only have enough land for estimated land supply of 2,923 units, so a shortfall 1,042 houses. Will the land at Otterpool lane eventually make up the shortfall? Only time will tell.

This means that on average 305 houses must be built each year across the district to achieve the target.

Leaving aside the fact that there is not enough land supply for the buildings, SDC state that Affordable housing is:

“Affordable housing is defined as that which is accessible to households whose income means they are unable to purchase or rent housing which meets their needs, in the open market without subsidy.”

How clear is that? And what are the rent’s across the District which meet the needs of renters?

Anyway, we know the Tories have taken “donations” from developers such as  Landcap Estates Eversley Ltd (£3,000) and Quinn  Wilson Estates Ltd (£9,000). Quinn Wilson Estates Ltd are now looking to develop the old Stonegate Egg Packing Facility and you can see there planning application here Y15/1292/SH submitted on the 22/12/15. Will Quinn  Wilson Estates Ltd be making another “Donation”? Only time will tell.

For a very detailed analysis of SDC Housing Audit see this Document and SDC’s Local Plan

All these opportunities create the opportunity for developers to Build Now and Pay Later, so watch the electoral commission website where donations must be submitted and if you see any “donations” please do let us know.


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