Council Tax Scam 2

We brought you this story late last year Council Tax Scam. At the time 11 Parish councils had increased their precepts, now that is 12 as Lydd have done so too.

We called for this loophole to be closed and it would appear after email all the relevant Govt Departments, finally someone in Govt might be listening.

The BBC have run this wonderful story Parish Councils May Face Referendum Cap.

Hawkinge town councillors unanimously voted to a town council tax increase of 52.049% at their monthly meeting last night, 9 December 2015. Cllr David “Drury” Monk sits on Hawkinge Parish Council, as does Cllr Stuart Peall. These Cllrs do not understand what reasonable and proportionate mean. Monk and Peall have led SDC to their highest ever debt levels.

What they and other Tories do not tell you is that by raising the parish precept amount they can keep the District rate for Council Tax down. Does that sound or even look like honesty to you? We think not but Tory Cllrs who sit on Parish, Town and District Councils are not doing anyone any favours.

We hope now the Govt will act to prevent Cllr Monk’s and Peall’s reckless behaviour.


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  1. Excellent article… However they is no need to wait for a referendum.

    See here

    Of course the Parish Councillors don’t have to take any notice of the results – but it would make local feelings on any issue perfectly evident.

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