Only the Rich and Elderly Will Own Homes in the Next Decade in Shepway

We know that 39.6% of Shepway residents have no qualification as revealed by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). That means roughly 42,000 people in Shepway. We know 31.8% in Shepway receive less than the living wage which is £8.25 per hour. That means roughly 35,000 people earn less than the living wage.

The average wage in Shepway is £20,200,

SDC have set aside a five year land supply for building houses on. The list which you can see here on the last 3 pages→ Five Year Supply Sites

The list runs into 3 pages as informs us where sites for building WILL happen. This is NOT the full list. The list is for 2015/16 through to 2019/20. Some of the places mentioned on the list will be flats, but most will be for housing.

It is clear from the list that most development will take place in built up areas and includes, Folkestone, Sandgate Hythe, Sellindge,  New Romney, Littlestone and Lydd amongs others. There is not mention of Stelling Minnis, Elham, Lyminge, Lympne or other more expensive villages in Shepway. Might that be because the Tory Administration do not want to upset their voters in these areas? 

These houses/flats – if they are not social housing; which a few will definitely be – will be unaffordable to the vast majority across Shepway, are not inclusive and do not and will not ease the housing shortage we are already experiencing across Shepway.

According to the Resolution Foundation within the next ten years only the rich and elderly will own homes by 2025. See →Next Ten Years

It demonstrates clearly that the National Govt [Tory] and our Local Chamber [Tory] here in SDC only care for the wealthy. No matter how hard you strive to make your life a success, the vast majority will end up becoming renters. As there is a shortage of properties to rent the prices have risen drastically, some of the landlords who own the properties are offshore owners and so get a fantastic tax break, see → Geoffrey Boot who is a significant Tory Donor locally to Damien Collins MP.

Finally we know that the Local Tory Party have received “donations” from developers. The 3 page list above gives them plenty of opportunities to fill their coffers further over the next five years, while tresidents of Shepway struggle to either rent or even get a mortgage as the prices of “affordable housing” will be out of reach for the Majority.



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