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EXCLUSIVE: Shepwayvox has been accused of bias. We have held an internal investigation and this is our report.

It has concluded that “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Lord Acton, so those in power should be unequivocally examined.

We are not interested in the official opposition in the Shepway District Council Chamber nor the singular Labour Representative, for they are not in power, the Tories are. If and when the chamber arrangements change, they who hold power will feel the same unequivocal examination of their time in office by Shepwayvox,  as does the current regime whilst they are in power.

These Tory  Cllrs who are in power then tend to be corrupted by the process of ruling over their fellow men. They  are not innately evil. They begin as honest men. Their motives for wanting to direct the actions of others may be purely patriotic and altruistic. Indeed, they may wish only “to do good for the people.” But, apparently, the only way they can think of to do this “good” is to impose more restrictive laws and raise our council tax.

Now, obviously, there is no point in passing a law which requires people to do something they would do anyhow; or which prevents them from doing what they are not going to do anyhow. Therefore, the possessor of the political power could very well decide to leave every person free to do as he pleases so long as he does not infringe upon the same right of every other person to do as he pleases. However, that concept appears to be utterly without reason to a person who wants to exercise political power over his fellow man, for he asks himself: “How can I ‘do good’ for the people if I just leave them alone?” Besides, he does not want to pass into history as a “do nothing” leader who ends up as a footnote somewhere. So he begins to pass laws that will force all other persons to conform to his ideas of what is good for them.

If the benevolent ruler stays in power long enough, he eventually concludes that power and wisdom are the same thing. And as he possesses power, he must also possess wisdom. He becomes converted to the seductive thesis that election to public office endows the official with both power and wisdom. At this point, he begins to lose his ability to distinguish between what is morally right and what is politically expedient.


Shepwayvox is exonerated of all bias as its intended aim is to unequivocally exam those in power for the above reasons.


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  1. I would take issue with your last post in that power does not necessarily corrupt.

    Power can, and should, be used for the common good.

    Political persuasion does not mean that a certain course should be persued, rather that a course should be taken that adheres to principles of the corporate good and should refer to principles envisaged/enjoyed by the inhabitants of your area but still take account of issues in hand as presented at the time and adjusted accordingly.

    I am Tory, and will ever be thus, but I can appreciate that others do not appreciate my ethics. If I can see a way that, if, for example, a LIb Dem, can be helped to return to a logical path and gain votes for a party with some hope of making a mark on the voting scale I would give my full support. Not now it must be said. However, if such candidate should be returned My ful support will be given.

    Labour, no problem with me. They have beliefs but they are heartfelt.

    Ukip?, not now, too silly. Appologies if you do not agree.

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