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Caskade Caterers Ltd is owned by Msha International LTD who is owned by Msha Holdings LTD based in the Seychelles. Caskade is one of the largest sub-franchisees of the Kentucky Fried Chicken brand in the south east. It operates 24 KFC outlets. The national franchisee is Kentucky Fried Chicken (Great Britain) Ltd which trades under the name Yum! Restaurants International.

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The KFC outlet at Stop 24, M20 J11 is one of the 24 KFC Outlets run by Caskade along with KFC in Cheriton, Folkestone, Dover, Ashford and Margate . Caskade Caterers Director is Hamid Ali.

In Caskade’s Accounts for 2014 turnover was £25.7 million an improvement on the previous year of £2.5 million. It made £1.547,000 prior to tax and after tax £1,159,626

Caskade’s ultimate owner is MSHA Holdings Ltd incorportated in the Seychelles. Mr Hamid Ali director and shareholder of Caskade is also the Director of MSHA Holdings Ltd but your not supposed to know that.

So Caskade is owned by an offshore company based in the Seychelles and what advantages does this confer upon the company well these

Advantages of a Seychelles company:

  • Not subject to any form of tax or duty on profits or income.

  • Exempt from audited statements, annual filing, reporting, and accounting.

  • Information about shareholders, beneficial owners, and directors is not accessible to the public.

  • Confidentiality, privacy, and anonymity are guaranteed by law.

So in essence money we the people of Kent spend at the KFC’s mentioned above goes offshore to people we are not even allowed to know as this information is it is not accessible by the Public. MSHA Holdings Limited is exempt from making up any accounts.

It was the high priest of free markets, Adam Smith, who warned that joint stock companies (Read Limited Liability) encourage negligence. Limited liability is a terrific privilege for which companies ought to expect to contribute generously to the community’s coffers. Many fail to do so. Whatever the spin, companies such as Caskade who own and run the KFC Franchises in Folkestone, Dover, Ashford Margate and Stop 24 are coming to be seen – in another of Smith’s phrases – as “a conspiracy against the public” and that evidence can be seen ⇒ here .

And finally it is clear that there is a gulf, as wide as the Caribbean, between what the Tory Party say they will do about Tax Avoidance and what they actually are doing for that evidence see ⇒ here


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