Folkestone Town Centre Management 2

Folkestone Town Centre Management Certificate of Incorporation at Page pg 16  states:

“3(a) To promote and protect the home and overseas trade, commerce and industry of THANET.” read it for yourself here →  Incorporation Doc

It does not mention Folkestone except in the name of the company only. Therefore how has the Chairman Ben Sharp and Vice Chair, Robert Richardson and other Directors been making up “monthly intelligence reports” of people in Folkestone when their remit is to concentrate on Thanet, not Folkestone or Shepway?

Have any laws been broken? eg Data Protection Act!

Filings at Companies House clearly demonstrate that the Certificate of Incorporation has never been updated or amended. And that the articles of association set out a very precise way of amending them. It is clear as we said this has never been done according to companies house. So what are the Chair and Vice Chair doing raising money for Shepway when it should by all accounts be spent in Thanet? What does Thanet think about that? What would the law have to say on these and other matters.

It would appear that spending money across Shepway, would be a no-no when its declared area is Thanet. Perhaps the Directors might want to read the certificate above. And perhaps anyone arrested with the help of “intelligence reports” from FTCM should ask the Police to look into a breach of their rights by FTCM.

The Directors it would seem have not done their homework and if they believe Shepway is Thanet, perhaps a member of the public might give them all a free geography lesson of Kent and show them where Thanet is and usher them all on their way. 


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3 Comments on Folkestone Town Centre Management 2

  1. Taking a wide guess that all these people are Tories – then the usage of the word “intelligence” would seem to be an oxymoron

  2. Is Shepwayvox just (name redacted) personal whinging ground?

    I recall SV was set up to hold to account the local authority and not private business such as the Amazon, KFC, the Folkestone Herald & Town centre management, for that is what they are. And Ashford District Council ( )……is that in Shepway now? (No, nor is Thanet as in the article above!)

    SV used to be a useful tool to uncover what went on behind closed doors but it seems reading the latest posts including the laughable and pretentious “power” has gone to someones head and everyone if fair game for the kicking by way of prose.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone; i’m sure(name redacted) has a few skeletons the same as each and every one of us.

    In the interests of democracy i wonder how long it will take (name redacted) to delete my free speech here.

    Come on shepwayvox get back to the politicians!

  3. SC has a few points but not all are relevant. The reference to Thanet is purely to demonstrate the failure of FTCM officers to proof read the document they have signed.

    I would welcome Shepway Vox taking on other agencies beyond SDC, it all helps to keep such people on the ‘Straight and narrow’.

    SDC are already alerted to the posted censures from Shepway Vox and this is no bad thing in my view. I already suspect that their existence has had something of a calming influence on Cabinet deliberations.

    Elected representatives are ,as described, ‘Reprensatives’ and are there to consider the views of the majority of their electorate and vote accordingly.

    Surely it is no bad thing (also) that we now have a means to scrutinise the decisions of various elected bodies and bring them to account when they step out of line.

    I intend to give Shepway Vox my full support.

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