And Finally… Good News.

And finally… the new Roger De Haan multi-storey sports park, which will contain among other things, a boxing club, skate shop, offices, cafe, three levels of skate park a climbing wall and a bouldering room, comes before the Development Control Committee tomorrow evening. It is here the plan will be looked at, discussed – hopefully – then probably given the nod.

Planning Application Y15/1241/SH

This is wonderful news for young people, but actions have consequences and house prices will rise in the surrounding environs, perhaps marginally to start with,but over time they will rise. This will cause those living in Dover Road to be priced out, even when it comes to rent. How will this social conundrum be resolved?

Development can be a beneficial force as well as a destructive one The consideration of “young people” is to be applauded, but what of the stream of residents leaving Dover Road, where will they be housed?

What is the difference between Gentrification and Social Cleansing?


Social Cleansing

We are not loathe to the multi storey Sports Park, in fact we are in favour, however the conundrum of where to put the leaving residents will have its consequences as we said, and who will be responsible for them? The Developer or the State? A tricky and difficult question to which we have no answers.

Anyway to more positive news. Folkestone Seafront Development will, so we have been reliably informed, break ground in Spring 2017 and perhaps the Renaissance of Folkestone will gain sufficient traction to attract business and customers, tourists and holiday makers, creating sufficient footfall throughout the year to drive the local economy and improve the environment.







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