SDC Management and Job Culture

What are the management like where you work/ or used to work?

What is the Job Culture of the organization you work for or worked for?

Ever wondered what it might be like at SDC, Shepwayvox have, so we investigated,

In SDC’s payment to suppliers Jan 15 – Dec 15 it shows that over 620,000 pounds has been spent on Temporary Statf Costs. Over half this money has gone to a local Recruitment Agency and the other amount has been spent with 14 other recruitment agencies.

Why do SDC need to spend so much money with Recruitment agencies? Is it that they cannot retain staff? Are staff falling sick again? And what does this say about SDC HR Department and culture within the organization?

Using a star system from 0 – 5– not ours we add, perhaps this will give you -dear reader – a better understanding of the challenges Temporary or full time employees face when working for SDC. The star system according to those who have reviewed SDC either while working for them or after finishing averages out as follows

3 Stars for Job Work/Life Balance,

3 and half stars for Salary/Benefits

3 Stars for Job Security/Advancement,

2.2 Stars for Management

2 Stars for Job Culture

Temporary and former Full Time Staff have left their own reviews (Aug 13 – Nov 15) across various Job sites and all sites use the star and comment variety so what do these people say about their time at SDC:

One Former Employee says: “A totally dysfunctional workplace. Pros: None Cons: Many. A completely weird place to work. Full of time servers who seem to spend their energy finding ways NOT to do things. Full of backstabbing wasters who wouldn’t last 5 minutes outside of the weird bubble they work in.”

They rate SDC by stars as follows: 1 Star Job Work/Life Balance, 2 Stars Salary/Benefits, 2 Stars Job Security/Advancement, 1 Star Management, 1 Star Job Culture.

Another former employee states: “Lots of passionate people, despite the day-to-day frustrations SDC does do some really great stuff.”

They rate SDC by stars as follows: 5 Stars Job Work/Life Balance, 3 Stars Salary/Benefits, 3 Stars Job Security/Advancement, 3 Stars Management, 3 Stars Job Culture.

Another says “A highly dedicated and passionate workforce. Every day was different and hosted its own challenges. I found the work very rewarding as I am passionate about the community I live in. I am lucky to have worked with a team that were hardworking and dedicated.”

They rate SDC by stars as follows: 0 Stars Job Work/Life Balance, 0 Stars Salary/Benefits, 0 Stars Job Security/Advancement, 0 Stars Management, 0 Stars Job Culture.

Finally, another says: The “Pros: getting paid Cons: Management. Not fun, employees are not valued. The pay was ok, and some of the people there are great, but the staff are not valued by management. There is often an us and them culture and communication is not always great!”

How they rate SDC: 2 Stars Job Work/Life Balance, 4 Stars Salary/Benefits, 1 Star Job Security/Advancement, 1Stars Management, 1 Stars Job Culture.

Now we know that all organizations have there problems, but one of the consistent themes through the reviews is management and the Job Culture, no one seems to rate these two aspects highly. Why is that and what does it say about SDC Management and there job culture? What can SDC do to make management more loved by staff? And how can they resolve such a poor culture within the organization, and remember these are all former employees views not ours.

If you’ve got any ideas on how to improve management and the job culture within SDC put them in an email and send them to: – Head of HR

alistair.stewart@ – Chief Executive SDC – elected Leader of SDC


PS The views expressed are not Shepwayvox’s

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