Cllr Stuart Nicholas Peall

Since 2007, Cllr Stewart Nicholas Peall (Tory)  Cabinet Member for the Environment has been the  elected member to the North Downs East Ward, this is he:

Councillor Stuart Peall

In Jan 2013 he incorporated a company by the Name of SENIORCARE ASSISTANCE SERVICES LIMITED, Company number 08344638. In March 2014 Cllr Peall dutifully filed his annual return, but with no accounts. In Jan 15 a  First Strike Off Notice was sent to the company was issued in the London Gazette. In April 15 Cllr Peall’s company was issued
with its
Final Gazette and dissolved via compulsory strike-off.

In Mar 2011 it would appear from records at Companies House that he set up a company with the exact same name SENIORCARE ASSISTANCE SERVICES LTD Company number 07566929, This company too followed the above pattern. The First Gazette notice for compulsory strike-off was in July 2012 and the Final Gazette dissolved via compulsory strike-off was in Oct 2012.

Is this another example of a Cllr who cannot seem to run a company effectively? If you recall the same misfortune has befallen Cllr David Drury Monk.

During this period which extends from Mar 2011 – April 15 Cllr Peall was an elected Cllr.

We would ask why he has set up two companies which have both been compulsorily struck off? If you want to ask him anything you can contact him via his SDC webapage which can be found here .


PS Do remember it took him a little over 8 years to sign up to the Register of Data Controllers. He was lawfully obliged in 2007 after he was elected.

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  1. Why am I not surprised that we have 3rd rate Cllrs, who in the real world are unable to fend for themselves in Business. There’s probably quite a few more among them. Well done SV keep up the good work, love the blog. GB

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