Spare a Thought for the Innocent.

The Folkestone Herald this week (24/03/16) on its Front Page ran the story “Stainer’s Tax Woes ” this is why

It is absolutely necessary for Mr Stainer – not the owner of the Grand – to say he will appeal the tax ruling handed down by Judge Short or otherwise it will be admission of guilt and that he was wrong.  See here Walter Mitty or Billy Liar? You decide.

Now what worries us at SV is that these people whose taxes Judge Short states were not paid, would have had considerable difficultly in claiming any type of benefits, be they jobseekers allowance, housing benefit, tax credits etc, as HMRC did not see them as paying their taxes. Why would you as an employer do that to someone?

We have sought out other people who have done business with Mr Stainer who lost money when some of his companies became insolvent.

As a qualified accountant Mr Stainer would have been fully aware that one or more of his companies was/were in financial difficulty, yet he continued to ask people to undertake work for the company. Why would you ask someone to undertake work for you when you know beyond all reasonable doubt that you would not be able to pay them for their work they have done for you?

The Companies which Mr Stainer has belonged to have left individuals & companies, here in Shepway high and dry  meaning that they did not receive the monies owed. Some of these people have been nearly driven to suicide, yet Mr Stainer has continued trading with little or no consideration to his creditors. Some have lost their homes and had to move into rented accommodation. We could say more much much more but we think you get our point.

The “manager of the Freehold” of the Grand Michael Stainer (above) has without a shadow of doubt destroyed lives and no doubt continues to do so. As of the 31/03/15 companies in which he resided either as director or secretary had debts of over £2 million. How can Mr Stainer appeal a decision against his tax ruling when it appears to all intents and purposes he has no money? Who is footing the bill? Or does Mr Stainer have accounts elsewhere which he either cannot recollect having or doesn’t remember having?

We at SV do not say do not do business with this man, what we do say is go into business with him with your eyes open, because if you do not the consequences can be brutal for mind body and soul.


PS We would ask that both the Folkestone Herald and the Kentish Express stop calling Mr Stainer “The Owner” of th Grand. He is not. It is not necessary to fuel his imagination and cause him to believe something which is not true. Or do they, the Herald and Express know something we don’t?

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  1. After reading this article and the HMRC Tribunal papers link – I reckon that someone somewhere could write themselves a perfectly good PhD thesis out of all this.

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