The Usual Suspects

The Great and the Good, or rather the Usual Suspects have found their way onto the FOLKESTONE COASTAL COMMUNITY TEAM:

Jennifer Childs – Town Clerk/Lead
Emily Arnold (Below) – Folkestone Town Mayor – ex SDC Cllr
David Monk – FTC F&GP/SDC Heritage – Leader of SDC
John Collier – SDC Economy/Regeneration – SDC Cabinet Member
Danny Brook – Chairman / FTC F&GP/CC
Damian Collins – MP
Steve Arnett – SDC Development
Katharine Harvey – SDC Development
Paul Knight – Coordination
Philip Carter – Ex Leader of SDC & Go Folkestone
Sally Hough – Administration

Robert Hancock – KCC Development
Alan Ewart-James – SDC Cllr Cabinet Member for Housing
Peter Bettley – Charity Creative Foundation, Roger De Haan Charitable Trust
Trevor Minter – Harbour, Creative Foundation, Roger De Haan Charitable Trust

Alastair Upton (Below) – Chief Exec Creative Foundation

Ben Sharp – Director Folkestone Town Centre Management
James Avery – Manager, The Workshop,  Tontine Street (A Josh De Haan Building)
Paul Manning -Principal East Kent College Folkestone
Daniel Sangiuseppe – Director Burlington Hotel & 9 other companies
Daniel Kennedy – Communication/Branding
James Carroll – Transport
Diane Dever (Below) – Employee Folkestone Harbour and Director of Folkestone Fringe Ltd
Sarah Hagues – Voluntary/Charity
Lesley Finlay  – Editor Folkestone Herald

These names appear in a publicly available document( FCCT Economic Plan 2016(1)) which implies that residents, that being you or us can be on the board, but as you can see there is not a single resident (member of the public) on the committee.

It is just the usual suspects who will not necessarily work in the best interest of the town possibly. SDC & KCC  & The Public Purse have facilitated vast quantities of money for Sir Roger De Haan’s sea front development. SV is not saying that is bad, but it appears that other areas of the town are suffering neglect. The thinking is not so joined up to help and assist the whole of the town; which is surely what we ought to do.

Cllr David Drury Monk has been a Cllr for over 20 years. He has been part of a team which took Folkestone into the economic mire it suffered in the 90’s and early noughties. Is he the right man for the job? Sir Roger has tried to uplift Folkestone and bit by bit he is getting their after 15 years of his regeneration in the seafront area, but not without its controversy.

Are the people on the list the right people for the job?

We at Shepwayvox believe some of them are not “fit for purpose” to sit on this committee and the fact their is not a single resident on board, makes us once again suspect that the usual suspects will benefit more than the town itself as has been the case so often in the past.

Will this time be any different? We’ll leave you to decide that.


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3 Comments on The Usual Suspects

  1. How can we change this and stop the Same Old Faces having all the cheese?

  2. Wot no Tamasin Jarrett ?

  3. Tamasin Jarrett has left the building…. no idea how to stop this. For a start, not many residents even know about this new pot of money available but thanks to Shepway Vox they will now.

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