Westenhanger Station & Otterpool Lane Land

We made a mistake, we are though, only human. We misinterpreted what  our senior serving source in SDC informed us. The earlier post applies to Westenhanger station which will be renamed Otterpool Park as will the development at the Otterpool Lane Land SDC bought for £5.23 Million

SDC have plans to build between 200 – 300 houses on the site,  and some say as many as 450 homes according to those in attendance at a meeting between SDC and Aldington Parish Council. The development will have a pub or two, restaurant  and some shops, and could be described as a mini Hawkinge.

Westenhanger Station will be redeveloped &  renamed Otterpool Park and our beloved MP Damian Collins has spoken of this Redevelopment , since 2014. Of Course the High-Speed will be stopping there too.

How did SDC come to buy the land, well a plausible explanation can be seen here

The land SDC have stated is “designated as agricultural land and will be tenanted and managed to give the council an income.” This may well be true in the short term

Mr Monk’s comments in the Herald (28/04/16) Page 4, that a purdah exists is nonsense. It is typical chicanery from Cllr David Drury Monk.

In the next couple of weeks or so, SDC will be releasing a beautiful brochure which will show the plans to the public for the first time.

SDC’s  Communications Team headed up by Mark Luetchford  (Strategic Communications, Campaigns, Community Development and Evaluation Adviser) are currently devising a plan/tactic to get the message out tactfully and successfully to us the public.

Well Mr Luetchford, another cat out of another bag.

Now you the residents know as much as we do.

We fail to understand the secrecy when SDC alleges to believe in transparency.



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  1. Irrespective of a minor geographical error, if my memory serves me correctly, I poured doubt on the SDC claim that they had no plans to develop this land. Yeah, right!, SDC knew exactly what was in the pipeline but chose, yet again, to lie to we Grockles and assume that we would again swallow their sh.t. The deal was a good deal, and should net Shepway a shed-load of cash to our benefit but why lie?

    Is it that Shepway cannot distinguish between truth and lie. I know that in my dealings with them truth comes a very poor second. Alistair Stewart, are you listening?

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