Otterpool Lane Land Rented Out for 3 Years

The Land at Otterpool Land where 12,000 house could potentially be built, will probably not be built on for the next three years.

Savills of Sevenoaks were dealing with this land and recently rented out the land in late March/early April. The price of the rental is not known as it is considered to commercially sensitive potentially. We do believe though either a good EIR or an FOI would and could reveal the price.

Otterpool Lane Land to Rent

No doubt the link above will disappear, so we also make a copy of this available in an open document format here →Otterppool Lane Land to Rent We have taken Screen Shots as well.

This does allow the communities of Sellindge, Lympne, Newigreen & Westenhanger some breathing space.

An application is now being prepared for the government to consider whether or not to grant Garden Village Status.

The proposal will be submitted if approved by the council’s cabinet next month. The Cabinet are due to meet twice in June once on the 5th & the other date is the 29

SDC’s monthly meeting calendar

Cabinet members approved a resolution earlier this year for council officers (Chris Lewis as lead officer) to begin preparing the application.

Now that we know SDC have rented the land out for three years, probably with an early termination clause.

SDC can make a planning application to itself and is explained Here



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