All Farmers Have Been Approached (Otterpool Park Land)


In a former post we asked the question: Have SDC approached the farmers who own the land yet?

We can exclusively confirm that SDC have approached two of the farmers. The third farmer has been approached by the Arena Racing Company (ARC).

We understand that ARC approached the third farmer at the back end of 2015 for the first time. ARC have recently been back in touch with him about selling his land to them.

Of the first two farmers we are certain that one of them does not wish to sell, and the other refrained from making any comment for fear that they may well breach the secrecy agreement SDC asked them to sign.

There was a rumour flying around that some of the land was owned by an Oxford College. We can say with all certainty that is simple not true. It was, but the land was sold over 10 years ago.

Now one of the ironies of life is that on Wednesday 25th at the Cabinet meeting held at the Civic Centre, Cllr Rory Love, former leader of SDC, made overtures about the concept of transparency. After the close of the meeting our public face spoke with him and asked him about whether or not SDC had approached the farmers. His only comment was ‘ I am not in a position to comment’. Our public face urged him on reminding him that only minutes earlier he was eloquently espousing the virtues of transparency but again, he refused to confirm or deny if any approaches had been made to the farmers. That’s SDC transparency for you.

Questions: Who will buy the land? SDC? With what, as they have a 62.5 million pound debt? Will they borrow the money? From whom? At what cost?

We are sure you’ll have some questions, so please do leave a comment.

Anyway,  Cllr Love et al, two farmers have been approached by SDC and the third by ARC.

As we receive more news we will keep you updated.




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10 Comments on All Farmers Have Been Approached (Otterpool Park Land)

  1. Captain Swing // May 27, 2016 at 14:51 // Reply

    SDC-Sleazy Deceitful Cronies

    • Hypocrites!!

      • Just ludicrous. I cannot believe what is happening, they are buying good agricultural land. What a Council. Nothing short of disgusting.

    • Lost for words. I thought I had a good Council to look after my interests – now what lies, deceit, anything to lead you up the garden path…

  2. What a bunch of hypocrites!

    • Oh I just cannot believe what this stupid Council are/have done. Since when did Councils buy good agricultural land. It beggars belief – like a nasty nightmare. No, no, no we do not want a Garden City. No, no, no.

  3. ‘Secrect Agreement?’, Really, and more to the point ‘Why?’.

    The Herald referred to this proposed development as ‘Monkpool’, seems they may have been more switched-on than is usual. Something smells less fresh than expected here.

    It is not in my back-yard but it is in countless others’. If in theirs now, when does it come to mine? I am surrounded by ‘Greenfield’ which used to be sacrosanct but appears to no-longer be so.

    I used to trust my District Council, no-longer when they are lead into subterfuge and deceit by persons persuing an autonomious goal.

  4. Transparency / SDC, do not sit lightly together methinks.

  5. Come along to the Protest March Saturday 4 June, 2.15 – 2.30.
    Walk either from
    Village hall to Airport Cafe
    Newingreen to Airport Cafe

    Please come along, and show SDC what we think of their idea.

  6. Come to the Protest March.
    Saturday 4 June 2.30 at Village Hall
    village Hall to Airport Cafe
    Newingreen to Airport Cafe

    Come please. Let’s show SDC what we think of their idea.

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