Council House For Sex


Cllr Brian Copping (pictured) who represents the, East Folkestone Ward on Folkestone Town Council (below) has abused his position as a Councillor and brought the office of Councillor into disrepute. We call on Cllr Copping to step down with immediate effect.

This story starts in 1996, 20 years ago. Cllr Copping went to visit a female constituent by the name of X, as they were in need of housing. Well,  Cllr Copping had sex with X and not long after X got a council house. Cllr Copping has readily admitted he played an very active role in getting X a home, and knowingly breached for rules regarding Councillor conduct.

In 2014 a letter was delivered to Alistair Stewart, by the wife of Cllr Copping. This letter, a copy of which the Shepwayvox Team have seen, sets out Cllr Copping’s many dalliances, among other things.

Cllr Copping was called before the Alistair Stewart in April 2014 and had a strip torn off him and told to get things sorted, as it had been brought to Mr Stewart’s attention that Kent Police were investigating a certain person, who we shall call S. Anyway, S was under investigation for drug muling and other offences and Cllr Copping was involved with her.

Cllr Copping still sits on Folkestone Town Council, but hardly attends meetings anymore.

We contacted Cllr Copping for comment and he told us to ‘stick our comments where the sun don’t shine‘ and that he has ‘no intention of stepping down.

Cllr Copping swore like a trooper (31 times in three minutes) at our colleague who called him. And as we know this in nothing new for Cllr Copping

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5 Comments on Council House For Sex

  1. Nice job if you can get it

    • “The comments below this article originally contained a comment that Shepway District Council alleged was defamatory
      of Alistair Stewart (the Council’s Chief Executive) and Wayne Fitter (the Council’s Election
      Manager). We have since removed that comment. The Shepwayvox Team apologise to Mr Stewart and to Mr Fitter for
      any distress and damage caused.”

  2. SDC Locallism in action?

  3. It didn’t work for me when I went to the Civic Centre and asked ” who do I have to shag around here to get a house” I’m glad he isn’t there now 😆😆😆

  4. Forgive me for any innacuracy, but would not Cllr. Copping have been abusing his position on Shepway ( a position he no-longer holds ), as opposed to Town.

    In either event, surely not the first time a Constituent had been shafted by Council!

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