Cllr David Owen’s Integrity Compromised? You decide.

The owners of No 9, Mill Leas, Lower Black House Hill, Hythe are Mr Richard James Hubbert & Annette Jewell. They applied for planning permission on the 02/10/2015 to erect a detached bungalow with off street parking. The planning application reference is  Y15/0988/SH

In April 2015, Mrs Jewell & Mr Hubbert were assentors for Clllr Owen when he stood for election in May 2015. (See where this is going …)

At the planning and licensing committee, Tuesday 26th July @ 7pm in the Council Chamber, Item 7 Minute No 3  – Y15/0988/SH, a one Mr D Green, a neighbour, spoke against the application and Cllr David Owen (below) spoke for the application

Mrs Jewell & Mr Hubbert both live in Cllr Owen’s Hythe Ward, and live within spitting distance of his home.

To stand for election one needs a Proposer, a Seconder and Assentors, ten people in all. Well below are Cllr David Owen’s Proposer, Seconder and Assentors. Oh and look there are Mrs Jewell and Mr Hubbert’s names, now fancy that.

Name of


Home Address


(if any)

Name of Proposer (*), Seconder (**) and Assentors




4 Lower

Blackhouse Hill,

Hythe, Kent,

CT21 5LS



Party Candidate

Meurice Nicholas *

Belcourt Louis E R **

Jewell Annette

Hubbert Richard J

Owen Martin L G


Alan J


Richard C.P.


Timothy R

Pearson Lucille E

Owen Catherine A

Now while Cllr Owen was speaking in support of the planning application for his neighbours Mrs Jewell and Mr Hubbert, he never mentioned that he knew them personally, nor did him mention they assented him on his nomination form for election in April 2015.

Under Shepway District Council’s code of conduct, Cllrs must act in conformity with the  Seven Principles of Public Life.  One of these principles is Integrity – that ‘Holders of public office must avoid placing themselves under any obligation to people or organisations that might try inappropriately to influence them in their work. They should not act or take decisions in order to gain financial or other material benefit for themselves, their family or their friends. They must declare and resolve any interest and relationships’

'Everything is negotiable, including my integrity.'
‘Everything is negotiable, including my integrity.’

Now as we said, Cllr Owen never declared his relationship with Mrs Jewell or Mr Hubbert, so did Cllr Owen fall short of the principle of Integrity?

To us it would appear so, but it is of no consequence as Cllr Len Laws (UKIP Leader) proposed the application and it was seconded by Cllr Jenny Holloingsbee (Deputy Leader Con)

The link between the parties was drawn to Shepway District Council Monitoring Officer’s (MO) attention. The MO concluded there was no interest to declare.

So are you as a member of the public – a reasonable person – satisfied that Cllr David Owen (Con) did not take a decision in order for his friends to gain something?

We’ll leave you to decide if Cllr David Owen both a District & Hythe Town Councillor, is or is not a man of integrity.

If you wish to complain about Cllr David Owen’s behaviour you can do so by filling in SDC’s Councillors Code of Conduct Complaint Form

Nothing ventured, Nothing gained.


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8 Comments on Cllr David Owen’s Integrity Compromised? You decide.

  1. Cllr David Owen’s Integrity Compromised yes it certainly is.

  2. Of course if this was done by a Labour or UKIP councillor, then the Tories would be up on their hind legs complaining.

  3. Thinking of Councillor integrity a simple quiz?
    1) Which well known SDC Conservative Councillor does not live in Shepway?
    2) Which well known much loved SDC Conservative Councillor does not even live in Kent?
    3) Which much loved and adored SDC Conservative Councillor lives in Robert Tressell Close?
    4) Which much loved and well read local papers know this but keep quiet?
    Clue questions 1,2 and 3 have the same answer. Question 4 is the usual answer.

  4. To continue with a quiz further to that posed by TPJ:

    1) Which FTC Councillor does/did not qualify for residential status?
    2) Which FTC Councillor does/did not qualify under employment rules?
    3) Which FTC Councillor could only qualify for UK citizenship & on no other count?
    4) Which Governing Authority were aware but chose to turn a ‘Blind eye’?
    5) Which Governing Authority caused a senior employee to lie to Kent Police?
    6) Which Press, again, chose to keep quiet?

    Integrity (and legality) are possibly questioned here so no frivolous replies please.

    Answers on a postcard to: Alistair Stewart (CEO-SDC)

    Or, maybe, Shepway Vox would care to delve in somewhat more depth?

  5. Without doubt Cll David Owen’s integrity has been compromised, well that is a surprise!

  6. Planning Application details not available
    This application is no longer available for viewing. It may have been removed or restricted from public viewing.

    Something to hide….

  7. Ray of Hope // July 13, 2020 at 10:06 // Reply

    There’s more to this than meets the eye – check out the ex mayor of Hythe that is also an influential friend and neighbour???

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