Switzerland comes to Shepway

In the digital age, offshore secrets are hard to keep.We believe this kind of basic information, the names of people who are linked to what companies, is something that should be openly available – just as the former prime minister David Cameron himself once indicated. We are publishing this information as a public service.


22 Cheriton Gardens (former home of Maltby’s) is home to a little know company by the name of Black Pearl Offshore Limited . The Director of this company is Edmund Mommertz and the single shareholder is Marcel Mommertz

They offer their services in German via the Black Pearl Website and inform their clientèle they’ll be  “Protecting your assets – anytime – anywhere”, which can’t be cheap, but it would appear there is enough money in Shepway and from abroad to attract 337 companies to it.

A former company based at 22 Cheriton Gardens, was H & H HANDEL U. HANDWERK LIMITED

The only shareholder of this company was European Business Consulting D.O.O. (Croatia) and the board member who shows up is Edmund Mommertz (see above). Now by strange coincidence H & H HANDEL U. HANDWERK LIMITED was also based in Wollerau, Switzerland, and shut down at the same time as it’s British entity. So did H&H go via Switzerland to Croatia, or Croatia, UK, Switzerland. It doesn’t matter as Switzerland is there and is well known for its secrecy and as a tax haven

It’s not just in Folkestone we can find Swiss Companies which uses addresses such as 22 Cheriton Gardens.


23 Windmill Street Hythe sits in a quiet little back street, yet in the past no less than 28 companies have been registered to this address, most of them ending up in  Lugano Switzerland (above).

Companies such as THETIS MANAGEMENT LTDNapier Business Services Limited Midland Consulting Ltd and many more. Thetis Management bought a property in St John Moore Avenue owned according to the Land Registry by Benjamin Hussey

The owners of 23 windmill street have been there since the mid 70’s according to the Land Registry and hold shares in KEY SERVICES (SOUTH EAST) LIMITED

There are legitimate uses for Swiss Companies bank accounts and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in the article have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.

If any of these companies or names jog a memory, please do let us know by contacting us at shepwayvox@riseup.net


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