The Road To Nowhere, going Somewhere?

The Road To Nowhere, going Somewhere

On a wall in Cllr David Drury Monk’s office at Shepway District Council is a map. The map is akin to the map below and is the probable area for the business park which will sit alongside the development of the new garden village. In a discussion with our public face, Cllr Monk strongly indicated that this would be the site for a new 85 hectare business park.


The area sits along side Stop 24 at J11 on the M20 and not far from the New Garden Town of Otterpool Park that SDC & the Reuben Brothers wish to develop.

This area was first brought to our attention by a member of the public. They fought it odd that the road which comes off the roundabout prior to the motor way roundabout  was there. They named it the road to nowhere.


This road has not been placed there by accident.


So what is it for?

“This isn’t a mere layby, the Westenhanger end has a juntion built into it and someone even thought that it required pavements. It is also on the map and the roadsigns! A lot of money spent for some reason……..” says the member of the public who first brought this to our attention.


Hillhurst Farm adjacent to the road has many businesses registered. One of them was Channel Corridor Consultants. The company has not, as far as we can tell, ever been registered at Companies House. But we do know that it was headed up by  Janice Wason Hall, who according to her linkedin page was a Director of the company.

Channel Corridor Consultants were a vague company  (suprise!). They are also mentioned in SDC archives but we like the member of the public are struggling to work out as to what exactly they did.

Anyway, Why would Cllr Monk have such a map on his wall? He is quoted as saying regarding this area of land outlined in the map above:

It would not deal with Operation stack and ruin any potential for employment in the area.

So is this Road to Nowhere going Somewhere? It would seem so.

Cllr David Drury Monk, who originally thought spaces for a 3000 lorry park was “Bonkers”, strongly indicated the location as a business park to our Public Face. What we wish to know is whether or not he will he now go on the record and inform the people of Stanford, Westenhanger and the rest of the citizens of Shepway that the area will be a business park.

You might care to ask him yourself and you can do so by contacting him at


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5 Comments on The Road To Nowhere, going Somewhere?

  1. Wasn’t this land supposed to be the site of an hotel, many, many years ago?

    No the site you are thinking of is accross the way on the North Side of the motorway on the corner, the land is owned by an offshore (SV)

    • I think you could be right.. I think they were plans for a hotel near the Stop 24 area.

      The Hotel was planned for the North Side of the Motorway, on the beginning of the B2068 Stone Street, the land is owned was and still is owned by an offshore outfit (SV)

  2. Since the 1990’s various Conservative Councillors have been trying to develop this area, it has been the subject of consultants and a vote was put to the Council at least once, sensibly the Council rejected. What was never understood is why these Councillors were so passionate to develop this area. I would suggest if the first bit is built on the rest will follow.

    • Possible reasons

      1. councillors had common sense in those days
      2. lack of a “donation”

  3. There were plans to put hotels on BOTH sides of the motorway going back over 20 years this es and a “high tech” business park

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