15 Alexandra Corniche CT21 5RW,The Panama Papers & 7 tonnes of Euros

What does seven tonnes of euro’s look like? We don’t know, but we do know it is a shed load of cash, well probably quite a few sheds actually.

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15 Alexandra Corniche Hythe CT21 5RW, is the former home of Quaedvlieg Corporate Services UK limited and was secretary to 2664 companies according to Companies House.

Quaedvlieg Corporate Services UK Ltd share holder was quaedvlieg-juristen-b-v. Juristen means Lawyer in Dutch.  Quaedvlieg Juristen helped SMB’s and rich Dutch clients to set up  tax corporate structure via London, Luxembourg or Cyprus or other tax friendly spots. It was declared bankrupt on 14/03/2014

So according to Quote Magazine Holland this is where the 7 tonnes of Euro’s comes in. The unofficial director Ruud van Dijk and the official director Olaf Alexander Straster were given heavy penatlies for for tax evasion. Some of it happening via companies based at 15 Alexandra Corniche here in Shepway. They hid money in Luxembourg and Serbia. Van Dijk was given 18 months jail time, six of which were suspended, and a fine of € 330,000. Strasters got  eight months with three months suspended. 

So Quaedvlieg Corporate Services UK Ltd was shut down, but in its place has come Ostrea Corporate Services UK Limited who have 785 appointments according to Companies House. It has it own website and is able to incorporate a range of four UK company formation packages starting from £59.99, all of which provide a fully registered company with a legal incorporation number.

According to whois.com, the website is owned by Ostrea Consult Doo, which is based in Serbia, just where some of that 7 tonnes of Euro’s happens to be hidden, coincidence?

From a source at an International Newspaper we can reveal that 15 Alexandra Corniche CT21 5RW is in the Panama Papers. Nothing sensational but a few routine compliance searches by Mossack Fonseca on several companies related to Ostrea Juristen (lawyers) who incorporate companies for as little as £59.99.

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Anyway, a Director of Ostrea Corparate Services UK Ltd is a Chaim Snel (left) and according to his linkedin page worked for Quaedvlieg Juristen for four years and one month. The other Director is Nathan Benjamin Van Dijk who is related to Ruud Van Dijk, who went to prison for tax evasion. Chaim knows Sjoerd Vleij as she too worked for Quaedvlieg Juristen for five years and nine months and has companies registered at 15 Alexandra Corniche.

Did these three know what Olaf and Ruud where up to, while they worked at the same company of two known tax evaders and money launders?


So who owns 15 Alexandra Corniche CT21 5RW? Well, according to the Land Registry  it is SARAH BARBARA VAN DER WALT and she’s been there since 2005. Does she know, did she know that tax evasion was happening via her address?

Last time we visited the brass plate advertising Ostrea Corporate Services Uk Limited was not on the wall, but neatly tucked away in the left corner by the front door.

Anyway, the Panama Papers are firmly anchored in Shepway, that is an indisputable fact. It is not just  80 Sidney Street or 15 Alexandra Corniche there are more, quite a few more, and we will shine a light on these unknown addresses over the next few weeks, as we conclude our investigations.

Below is a downloadable excel spreadsheet of all the companies which are or have been registered at 15 Alexandra Corniche CT21 5RW.


There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database or this blog post have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly accept those who have been sentenced by a court.



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  1. I’m beginning to worry what I am doing wrong? All these people and their clients seem to doing quite nicely thank you “living off the pigs back”.

    And yet my little business working with schools in the EU is on it’s way to “Stuffed Up Street” all because 52% voted for Brexit and put their trust in Nasty Party Idiots who don’t seem to have a clue what they are doing because they didn’t think they would win (as did my EU clients)

  2. Meldrew, many of those who voted for Brexit did not take account of the minor counts which would come up to bite them in the bum. They voted for imigration and sovereignty without further thought.

    The Silver Pound, of which I am one, will struggle to gain travel insurance ( currently covered by EU agreement). Vehicle insurance will again require Green Card accreditation. To travel between borders will require Visa acceptance.

    Nothing compared to the severance of trade agreements between ourselves and our current partners. Do you look forward to Tariff barriers being re-instated? Of course not.

    Meldrew, you, I, and the majority of the ‘Thinking’ electorate know what should have been decided. Unfortunately many of the ‘Unthinking’ electorate’ opted for (duh), what should I put Babe? Who is this Nazi Party? is they the Liberals?

    Remains to be seen what we can salvage. Hope may endure!

  3. Medrew, I think alike. Brexit voters didn’t consider the bigger picture beyond imigration and soverignity.

    • “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
      ― Winston S. Churchill

      “You have to remember one thing about the will of the people: it wasn’t that long ago that we were swept away by the Macarena.”
      ― Jon Stewart

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