Counting the Pennies Part 1

Since the 31st Oct 2014 it has been necessary for Shepway District Council to comply with the 


This was last updated in 2015.

After two years SDC now comply with the code of transparency. For the first time ever and after a long drawn out battle with SDC, we at Shepwayvox have managed to get SDC to comply with publishing their spending data in csv & excel format. We wonder why they have had an ‘issue’ with Transparency. We’ll leave you to mull that over.

So we have decided to mine this wonderful data. We have decided to look at the overall picture and the temporary staff costs, in part 1 This data runs from April 16 through to Sept 16.

Overall  Spending Picture – By Month


A capital expenditure is an amount spent to acquire or improve a long term asset such as equipment or buildings.

Revenue expenditures are for costs that are related to specific revenue transactions or operating periods, such as the cost of goods sold or repairs and maintenance expense.


Payments were significantly higher in May than any other month, mostly on account of two exceptionally high value payments to East Kent Housing Ltd and Kent County Council.



Spending by department April 16 – Sept 16


Temporary Staff Costs

SDC are short staffed. When we called the Ross Depot on Monday, they informed our public face they were short staffed. Other departments across the council have also made similar comments. SDC plug these ‘gaps’ with temporary staff, these are the costs between April 16 – Sept 16. Is this cost effective and is it ‘value for money’?


So SDC have spent so far this financial year nigh on £380,000 and to simplify this we have used a graph. Are SDC having ‘problems recruiting staff? If so, why?


Six months is too short a time span to show any long term trend. Nevertheless September was the highest month for temporary staff costs payments. Over the six months, payments totalled £380,000. When split by supplier, in each month from May to September there is one payment where the supplier’s name has been removed or redacted. This looks like an inappropriate redaction.

Temporary Staff – April – Sept 16


Temporary staff costs per month April – Sept 16


Recruitment Solutions (Folkestone) Ltd are by far the largest recipient of money from SDC receiving nigh on £200,000 or 52% of the money spent on temporary staff.

So far this financial year 1st April 16 to the end of Sept 16 SDC have spent according to their data just over £18 million pounds.

Are we the ratepayers of Shepway receiving best ‘value for money’?

All this data can be found in excel and csv format can be found at SDC’s webpage – payment to suppliers


Hat tip to AR for all his help


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  1. That’s a lot on money being spent on temporary staff.. I wonder what the reasoning is behind having get a “temp” in? Is it permanent staff sickness or holidays?

    Where Recruitment Solutions Limited and all the others are concerned, I think a lot of the £200,000 would go to the temp for wages, Employer NI and holiday pay.

    But why can’t SDC employ a “bank” of it’s own temps or does SDC save money by contracting through Recruitment Agency Leeches?

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