“The Usual Suspects”

Two new planning applications have caught our eye, because they are the usual suspects.

Y16/0005/SCR is for the creation of up to 175 houses including affordable and self-build housing, up to 929sqm B1 Business floorspace, allotments, recreational ground and multi-use games area, nature reserve, and associated access, parking, amenity space and landscaping. | Link Park Lympne Industrial Estate Otterpool Lane Lympne Kent.

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In the peter-brett-letter on the first page we can see the names phides-estates-overseas-limited based in the offshore jurisdiction of Jersey. Phides have form with SDC and the environmental campaigner David Plumstead (above). In Feb last year Phides lost the right to build houses on  Lympne Airfield in Feb 2015

This time around Phides have teamed up with the Land Owners, so says the Land Registry. d-u-k-e-kent-estates-ltd. Duke lead us back to St Andrews Investments LLP whose first Member MATRIX PROPERTY FUND MANAGEMENT (GUERNSEY) LIMITED, is as you can see based in Guernsey, which is an offshore tax jurisdiction. The second member is UBERIOR EUROPE LIMITED, based in Edinburgh Scotland.

Y16/1122/SH is for Outline planning application for a neighbourhood extension for the creation of up to 162 houses including affordable, self-build and retirement housing, up to 929 square metres Class B1 Business floorspace, allotments, recreational ground and multi-use games area, nature reserve, and associated access, parking, amenity space and landscaping |Land Rear Rhodes House Main Road Sellindge Kent

The Application Status states it is “Pending Consideration” by Sellindge Parish Council.  The economic-benefits-statement mentions the Bucknell Trust, who say they have local connections, but where the trust is situated is unknown at this moment in time, so if anyone discovers, please do let us know. And the second party mentioned is our dear friend Quinn Estates Ltd. The Agent according to the application is Ben Harvey of Iceni Projects Ltd

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Both Quinn Estates Limited and  Quinn Wilson Estates (1) Ltd have  two directors in Common, one of them being Mark William Quinn (left). Quinn Wilson Estates (1) Ltd have in the past donated £9000 to the local Folkestone & Hythe Conservative Association . Will  further ‘donations to the local Conservative Association happen again? Who knows, only time will tell.

Both these developments will add 337 houses and are situated on the periphery of the Otterpool Park Development.

Will SDC Licensing & Planning Committee, give these two developments the nod? Only time will tell. Both are on our radar and we will watch their progress with interest.

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in this blog post have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.


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2 Comments on “The Usual Suspects”

  1. Shepway Nasty Party

    The best Counciliars money can buy.

  2. Quinn Wilson Estates Ltd., as you state, have previously donated considerable sums to the local FHCA.

    Surely, to deny them planning permission for this proposed development could only be viewed as rather rude, given that SDC is heavily weighted on the side of the Conservatives.

    Don’t get me wrong. It is just that I am struggling with the prospect of David Monk being our new Messiah and being ‘All seeing – All knowing’. Perhaps he should be crucified, just to be on the safe side? It has happened before, thereby having a prescident.

    This is a question as opposed to any encitement.

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