Damian Collins & Other Kent MP Expenses

Between May 2010 and March 2015 Damian Collins MP was Kent’s most expensive MP. Mr Collins cost the taxpayer the grand sum £765,365. An average of £153,073 a year. Per month he cost £12,756 and per day he cost the taxpayer £425.


The source of all the figures is from IPSA – The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.

Office running costs include both  the staffing budget which  is largely made up of payroll costs, which are paid directly to the staff MPs employ to assist them in carrying out their duties in Westminster and the constituency. The budget covers all payroll costs (salaries, employers’ national insurance contributions and pension contributions). It also covers pooled staffing services and expenses for volunteers. Staffing costs account for approximately three quarters of the total spend by an MP on average.

And the office costs budget allows MPs to buy everything they need to run their office and constituency surgeries – this includes costs such as rent, business rates, equipment and stationery.

Other Parliamentary costs are for travel and subsistence (food), accommodation, miscellaneous budget.


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Finally on the 17/12/2015 Damian Collins had the single largest rejection for a claim made to IPSA. Damian made a claim for £6,000. The details of the claim say they were for ‘fees for Noble Purpose’. The amount was not paid as it was not under the scheme, ie, not eligible.

So we had a look around to find out who ‘Noble Purpose’ are. It turns out that Sarah Richardson (below right), wife of Damian Collins MP is the Managing Director of Noble Purpose.

According Sarah Richardson’s Linkedin page she is Noble Purpose’s Managing Director and has been since October 2015 – Present (1 year 2 months).

‘Noble Purpose applies brilliant creative thinking to public policy and reputational challenges. Clients include global businesses, education institutions and political campaigns.’

Is there something you wish to tell us Mr Collins?

Update: In January 2017, The Sunday Times ran the article on the left about that £6,000 Damian tried to claim.

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8 Comments on Damian Collins & Other Kent MP Expenses

  1. That’s why our pensions and us pensioners are and continue to suffer, let alone the rest of GB patriots

  2. Well all of the above looks like a toal bargain NOT!!! How about performance related pay for MPS then? Does that sound like a goer?

  3. I’d like to know what Damian Collins is doing to help with BREXIT as he was one of the MPs that voted to remain in the EU. Will he now help the Prime Minister or be one of the MPs who are going to go against the will of the people and do what he can to try and stop Brexit. Especially as the majority of the Shepway constituents voted in favour of leaving the EU. Will he now go against us? If so, he should stand down as our MP as he’s not doing what we are asking the government to do, ie leave as soon as possible by enacting article 50

  4. There is only one cake however badly it is sliced. Do we not vote our MPs into office to ensure the fairest distribution possible? No of course how silly! How could I be so naive? The lesson of the past decade? Far too many MPs stand for election to gain power and prestige for themselves. Far too many MPs ‘represent’ constituencies which voted against their position on leaving the EU. Each and every one should submit themselves for re-election. That’s democracy!

  5. If he was honorable he would stand down. In any event we should boycott him on June 8

  6. All the above I agree with.

    Yes, let’s make a definite vote to get Damian Collins out on 8th June.

    Just look at his expenses and what does he do for his constituents.

    He is in favour of the lorry park in Stanford, Princes Parade and Otterpool Park. He just does not consider his constituents.


  7. You really think the voters of Folkestone are going to vote him out. I think not. If he was a baboon with a blue Rossetti he would be voted for.

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