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3 Comments on What’s the Answer?

  1. Swindon Tenants Campaign group has produced a new pamphlet, “The case for cancelling council housing debt” which updates the argument. See our website here:
    It’s a 20 page pamphlet. £1 plus postage


  2. If a Council home costs £400 per month, why cannot this cost be met, either by tennant contribution or by benefit, or some formula of both. Why should there be a shortfall contributing to the overall debt of Council.

    Surely there is something wrong concerning the mathematics of Council leading to any shortfall within their housing budget..

    There are candidates for social housing who can pay, there are those who cannot pay. The benifits system allows for those who cannot pay. Council will not be ‘Out of Pocket’ for those who cannot pay. Again I ask why Council claim any shortfall. And would ask, with prior experience, Is this the truth or SDC truth!

  3. Why Are we paying rent for the sitting MP for shepway, when the conservatives owned it then sold it to who . Now pay rent payed for by us ….. Who owns it

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