From Panama City to 80 Sidney Street Folkestone.

epa05242948 Photo shows the building where the office of Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca is located in Panama City, Panama, 03 April 2016. 11 million documents from Mossack Fonseca database were leaked allegedly exposing high profile tax evasion and money laundering among the world's elite. EPA/Alejandro Bolivar

Our Journey begins at the headquarters of Mossack Fonsenca (MF), in Panama City, where a little company known as Gentro Group S.A. begun its life on the 7th Sept 2004. When it was created, it had 5 directors and one secretary. The agent was Mossack Fosenca.


Gentro Group S.A. has links to what was Mossack Fosenca -Luxembourg, who changed their name in 2010 to Prime Corporate Solutions SARL

The 5 Directors of the company were Leticia Montoya , who for decades,has served as the director of tens of thousands of companies registered at MF’s headquarters.

Vianca Scott who too served as a director to thousands of companies registered at MF’s headquarters, as have the others mentioned below.

Marta Edghill,  Katia Solano and Francis Perez.

Between these five they have been directors for MF on no less than 36,339 times. They are ultimately Sham Directors, not the real ones. In fact Leticia Montoya in a telephone conversation has stated “ I have no idea what the companies are for, who they were sold to, or what exactly they do (Pg 324)

In reality, sham directors are the offshore industry’s foot soldiers. Nothing works without them, and yet they are easily interchangeable – and cheap.

So Gentro Group S.A. goes to Luxembourg, but it also links to Cyprus. A little company at 80 Sidney Street by the name of Kapia Limitedis in part owned by Gentro Group S.A.


Leticia Montoya (pictured) like the other directors, has probably never been near 80 Sidney Street, probably knows nothing about Kapia’s connections to Cyprus, or Luxembourg, and certainly has no idea about what sort of business, if any, Kapia Limited has done in the UK. All we do know is that she and the other directors are linked to companies all around the world and have no idea what is being done in their name.


You can see from the image above how many times the named persons have been Directors. And there are hundreds of companies based at 80 Sidney Street which can be traced back to Leticia and her Colleagues at Mossack Fosenca.

From the Companies House information about Kapia Limited the Cyprus address Kitallides Building 6A; 3 Georgiou Katsounotou Street; 3036 Limassol is also in the Panama Papers as is Gentro Group S.A. part owner of Kapia Ltd. So we know MF are the enablers in Panama and in Europe it is the Freemont Group in Cyprus


We can also see HJC Secretarial Services Ltd at the same address but on a different floor. HJC Interim Ltd is registered at 80 Sidney Street and the two companies are linked by common ownership. The man behind the companies is Toine Manders (pictured) the former Chairman of the Dutch Libertarian Party(pictured) who appears in the Panama Papers who “see’s it as your moral duty to evade your taxes as much as possible.”  Manders is awaiting trial for allegedly being involved in a criminal organisation and charges of tax evasion.

So what do you think Kapia Limited 80 Sidney Street, Folkestone did in its lifetime? Tax evasion, Money Laundering, something else? We simply do not know yet, perhaps more will be revealed when Mr Manders takes the stand in Holland in the near future, we’ll have to wait and see.

So from Panama City to 80 Sidney Street, Folkestone, there is still a lot of information we do not know yet, but we’ll keep looking, keep collaborating and when we find anything new your’ll be the first to know.

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any persons, companies or other entities included in this blog post have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly.


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