SDC Made £2.6 million in Six Years from Parking Charge Notices.

web-parking-ticket-1-gettyHave you ever got a parking charge notice (PCN) (pictured)? Have you paid it within the week and got the 50% discount? Have you fought it and won or lost? Our Public face has asked Shepway District Council (SDC) for their parking charge notice revenue, the money they make out of issuing them.

Between April 2011 and Feb 2017, SDC have made over £2.6 million pounds from PCN’s across the district, as the graph below makes it very clear.


The average pcn collection rate is £446,782 across all the years above, including this incomplete financial year. So SDC’s collect on average £1227 daily from pcn’s, meaning that they issue on average about 18  pcn’s daily, or a little over 6000 yearly. So since 2013/14, it means that on average SDC have issued over 24,000 pcn’s and only 182 people; according to SDC’s figures, have sought appeal, all the others have simply paid up.


So excluding the no contest appeals, the public win rate and SDC’s win rate at appeal is thus . (2015 April – Dec should read 2016)


If you get a PCN this how you can challenge it and this how you can appeal it. Those who do challenge have a reasonable fair chance of winning and the Traffic Penalty Tribunal are very helpful.

We spoke to some of the Parking Enforcement Officers, who issue the tickets and a lot of them had received verbal abuse, threats of violence and some have actually been manhandled by irate members of the public. Now that might be understandable, but it is not acceptable, they are human after all, and do as you can see from the appeal successes, make mistakes. These people have children and wives and they really do not need there wellbeing damaged by gobby, abusive people. That said the vast majority of SDC residents do behave, but there are always a few who spoil it for the rest. That as they say is life.

SDC’s Parking Enforcement Contract is currently held by NSL Ltd. NSL’s ultimate parent company is AAC CAPITAL NEBO FEEDER II LP based in Guernsey; which is as you may or may not know is an offshore tax jurisdiction.

Anyway, SDC making £1227 on average daily from PCN’s, is that a large amount?  18 tickets across the whole of our wonderful district daily, or 6000 yearly is that so much, when Shepway’s driving population is around 90,000, we’ll leave you to decide that.



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  1. Look into nsl. now bought out by the biggest dept agency . Its alway was a under hand sell off . What is the savings of outsourced parking

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