No Silver Bullet. A Time to Choose a New Route?

In Shepway, like in other areas, the male/ female ratio changes with age. On the whole, there are more males compared to females in the younger age groups, but as age increases there become more females to males. This begins at roughly the age of 60 – 64 in England, when women begin to outnumber the amount of men. In stark contrast to the English GP data, this begins earlier in Shepway by five years (more females to males begins at 55-59)


When comparing the population of Shepway, as a whole (Male & Female), it is evident we have more people above 50-54 and beyond than compared to the rest of England


There are 15,849 nonagenarians  (over 90’s) in Shepway, they break down as follows:

  • Male 4,689

  • Female 11,160

So evidence, if evidence were needed, that there are 2.4 times more female over 90’s than males. The break down in Hythe for the over 90’s is M 108, F 291

In contrast to the above the total number of 0-4 year olds in Shepway is 5725, they break down as follows:

  • M 2877

  • F 2848

For Hythe the figures show the breakdown to be  M 300, F 283.

The death statistics shows us over time fewer people are dying each year in Shepway. This is the trend in the UK over time as well.


Deaths in Shepway

From 1987 – 2016 the numbers for men fell from 920+ to approximately 700 a year.

For women the number fell from 600 in 1987 to 500 in 2016.

The fact we are living longer causes a whole host of problems, there is no silverbullet to resolve them and no one party holds the wand to make it all better.

How much more in taxes would you pay to fund the NHS, our GP’s, and ambulance services? One, Five Ten pence more? Remember the first wealth is health.

Or is it as some people suggest, time to introduce a private health insurance scheme, such as they have in the USA or in France, where you pay a quarter of the costs. We do not know the answer. We have no magic wand. But one thing is for sure, as we live longer, the costs to the NHS will rise. The fact it is buckling now, only leads us to the conclusion it will collapse in time if things continue as they are. Is it time to fund the NHS properly by extra taxation, or is it time to choose a new route?


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  1. “Overall, missed GP and hospital appointments cost the health service in England nearly £1bn a year, Jeremy Hunt said in a speech.”

    So how about charging these ‘patients’ £5 or £10 or £20 if they can’t be ‘arsed’ to turn up

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