Vote for Bryan Rylands to be Your new KCC Councillor!

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3 Comments on Vote for Bryan Rylands to be Your new KCC Councillor!

  1. Meldrew // May 1, 2017 at 20:19 // Reply

    Nice advert… I hope you win in Folkestone West and continue “kicking against the pricks”.

  2. On May 4 2017 Clr Carey will be standing as Conservative Candidate in the Elham Valley Division.
    When Shepway District Council were warned that the water meadow, adjacent to The Palm Tree at Wingmore would become a travellers site, they did nothing!

    Clr Carey And Damian Collins have both chosen to turn a blind eye throughout this whole debacle. We all hoped that they would listen to their constituents rather than think of themselves. How wrong we all were, how deluded are they to expect the same constituents to vote for them again in this Thursdays elections….?

    Would you vote for them again, or in fact any of Shepway’s councillors..??

  3. I want to thank you for getting a leaflet out. Mostly Independent candidates are strapped for cash and cant manage them. Having stood against the main parties in the General Election I applaud your effort.

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